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fanfic: Have You Ever Done This Before - Part 2, NC-17 (Quinn/Santana/Artie)

Title: Have You Ever Done This Before - Part 2
Author: ipickquinn & backitup_baby
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Santana/Artie
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 11,899
Spoilers: none
Summary: Things get a little wild at Santana's birthday party.

A/N: This fic was written by ipickquinn (as Quinn) and backitup_baby (as Santana and Artie)!

Sequel to: Just Finish Eating My Muffin So We Can Go | God Worked In Mysterious Ways | There's More To Life Than Orgasms | Have You Ever Done This Before - Part 1

Have You Ever Done This Before - Part 2

Santana still had some slight doubts about the fact that she was legit about to have a threesome with the two of them, but now she just really needed to get laid so she followed suit and sat down on Artie’s other side, then waited for him to answer.

“Tina didn’t want to,” Artie said after a moment, obviously embarrassed. “But clearly she’s got no problem--” He stopped himself, then set his jaw a bit, determined. “I’m good at the other stuff though.”

Quinn had a brief feeling of doubt and looked first at Santana and then Artie, before reaching out to touch his arm. “Are you sure you want to do this then?”

“Now we have to,” Santana said before Artie even had a chance to say anything. “She totally fucked you over, unfortunately not literally, and this will be your way of privately getting back at her. You can win the break up by having sex with us.” She glanced over at Quinn and, upon seeing that she had her support, turned back to Artie. “I only have one condom so we’ll just have to share you.”

“I get to have sex with you too?” Artie asked, genuinely surprised, though at the moment he would probably have sex with anything, he was so painfully turned on.

“It’s only fair,” Santana replied, glancing over at Quinn again. “It’s my birthday.”

“Is that sanitary?” Quinn asked, her eyebrow scrunched with confusion. Even though it was probably super hypocritical, she didn’t especially like the idea of Santana fucking Artie. “I want to be the only one allowed to make you come.”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” Santana said, completely aware of how hypocritical Quinn was being. “Let’s stop torturing him now.” She reached out and experimentally pressed her hand against the bulge in Artie’s jeans, smirking all the while. “Guys are so easy.”

Quinn watched Santana for a few moments and when Artie didn’t tell her to stop, though she didn’t know why he would, she moved her hands to his waist and started tugging up his shirt. “You know, you should wear t-shirts more often. Your arms are kind of... nice.”

“Thanks,” Artie said, leaning forward and lifting his arms up so Quinn could get his shirt off. “Do I finally get to kiss you now?”

“I don’t know, does he, Santana?” Quinn asked as she lazily traced a finger up Artie’s chest. Seriously why was he hiding this all the time?

Santana had started making quick work of the button and zip on Artie’s jeans by this point. “Go ahead, and I guess he can put his hands on you too.”

Artie nodded, grateful for the permission, and leaned in to kiss Quinn. He was tentative at first, but then suddenly he felt Santana’s hand move into his boxers (holy shit) and he figured he needed to start making Quinn feel good too. “Do you want me to do this?” he asked the blonde, finally placing one of his hands on Quinn’s breast and tracing along the nipple with his thumb.

“Yes,” Quinn said immediately, whimpering slightly. Her eyes had gradually started closing but she forced them open after a moment to look at Santana. “How does he feel?” She asked, focusing on her girlfriend’s hand in Artie’s boxers.

“Pretty decent,” Santana said almost appraisingly, assessing the length as she slowly moved her hand on him. “One of you is going to have to find where I hid the condom though.”

“Is that so?” Quinn asked, raising an eyebrow. She leaned down and gave Artie a quick, teasing kiss before focusing on Santana. “You hid the condom? Is it on your body? Because I think I could endure doing a body search on you. Not that I would enjoy frisking you at all...”

“It is, yeah,” Santana answered leaning over across Artie to kiss Quinn. She had a feeling Artie wasn’t going to be able to last very long, especially if this was his first time, but she simultaneously wanted to postpone watching her girlfriend have sex with someone else for as long as possible.

Slipping her hands around Santana’s waist, Quinn squeezed her girlfriend’s ass as she returned the kiss. After another squeeze she moved her hands into the back pockets of Santana’s mini skirt only to find them both empty. “Where are you hiding it?” She asked as she broke the kiss and moved her lips down to Santana’s neck with a giggle .

“I’m not telling,” Santana said, closing her eyes and tilting her neck so Quinn could better work her way down her neck. “I’m sure you’ll be able to find it though.”

Since she was done squeezing Santana’s ass, Quinn decided to squeeze her breasts instead. She just really felt like grabbing her and letting her know she was there. Except she heard a muffled crinkle against her hand when she cupped Santana. “Oh, well aren’t you clever?” Quinn asked, sucking lightly at her neck and moved her hands underneath the shirt, though just rubbed up and down the other girl’s ribs at first.

“When am I not?” Santana had arched her back a little when Quinn’d moved her hands up and when she took them away again she let out a noise of frustration. “I still need birthday orgasms,” she said then, wheedlingly.

Quinn pulled her lips off Santana’s neck then quickly pulled the shirt up over her head and tossed it away. “Maybe I can take care of that then. Should we make him watch?”

Santana’s seemingly permanent smirk grew a little wider. “Should I stop touching him?”

“He might jizz himself if you don’t,” Quinn said, licking along Santana’s collarbone. “And we don’t want this to be over too soon, do we?”

After reaching a hand back to undo her own bra and shrug it off, Santana shot Artie a grin and took her other hand out of his boxers. “This is for everyone’s own good,” she said, very firmly.

Quinn nodded in agreement with Santana then moved her hands up to cup her girlfriend’s breasts again. “So, tell me how you want it. Do you want me to eat you out? Fuck you with my fingers? Tell me how you want to come.” She asked, squeezing a nipple.

“Oh god, both,” Santana breathed out, involuntarily arching her back again. “How should we-- I want to torture Wheels as much as possible. Where do you want me?”

“You should lie down, but so he has a good view of me between your legs,” Quinn said with a smirk then slid her hands down Santana’s abs and undid the button of her skirt. “Strip first.”

“You’re both bitches,” Artie told them both, his face flushed from all the prolongation he was being put through already.

“That’s nothing new,” Santana replied proudly, standing up (again, unsteadily at first) so she could let her skirt drop to the floor. After surveying the room they had she dropped back down to her knees, facing Artie, then said, “I’m keeping the heels on because I know they make my legs look ridiculous. And if I took the underwear off, Artie would have nothing to imagine.”

“How am I supposed to eat you out with your underwear in the way?” Quinn pouted. “Your legs do look fucking hot in those heels though,” she said, reaching out to rub up and down her leg.

“You have to get it off of me,” Santana ordered, leaning in for another kiss. “Preferably with your teeth.” She was kind of worried, even with the alcohol still making her head hazy, that this was pushing it, because Quinn was almost always in charge when it was just them. But wait, she was letting her have sex with Artie tonight. Nevermind.

Quinn returned the kiss for a few moments then pulled back and pushed gently at Santana’s shoulders, forcing her to lie back. “Only because it’s your birthday,” she teased as she kissed down her stomach until she was at the edge of her underwear. She stopped suddenly though and glanced at Artie, smirking mischievously. “Do you have a good enough view?”

Artie hastily took his hand out of his boxers and nodded. “Yeah, this is... awesome.”

“Wheels, you’re so not allowed to get yourself off,” Santana said breathlessly, only having caught a glimpse of him moving his hand away.

Quinn’s eyes lingered at the bulge in Artie’s boxers before nodding in agreement. “Good things come to those who wait,” she said with a grin then lowered her head between Santana’s thighs. She kissed the pubic bone above the fabric first and then the inside of Santana’s thigh before bringing both hands up, and hooking her fingers under the waistband and, because it was requested by the birthday girl, bit at the piece of fabric as well, mumbling “lift” as she did.

Santana’s mind was so overwhelmed with so many things right now that it took a moment to realize what Quinn had just said. Still trying to reconcile the fact that she was drunk, still kind of mad at her girlfriend, about to watch her have sex with a loser, and let said loser watch her come first, she lifted her hips for Quinn.

Santana’s underwear were quickly out of her way, and Quinn’s head was almost immediately back between the girl’s thighs. Usually she was the one telling Santana what to do but right now letting her girlfriend take charge was actually really hot.

Just to torture him (because Santana had said they should) Quinn looked at Artie before purposefully licking up Santana’s slit and swirling her tongue around her clit.

Santana had to admit that it was really hot, not knowing who had moaned first out of her or Artie. She tilted her hips a little, trying to give Quinn better access, and hooked her leg over her girlfriend’s shoulder. The first time she dug her heel into her skin was a legitimate accident; the second time was not.

Instead of adding a moan, Quinn added a frustrated groan when she felt Santana’s heels digging into her back. She nipped at her clit hard, though that probably wasn’t as much punishment as it was a reward.

“Fuck, oh god, what was that,” Santana cried out, suddenly grateful for the music that was still coming from the rest of the party. Her party was so much better though and she wondered what she had to do to get Quinn to do that again, seeing as she didn’t trust herself to really be able to form words that weren’t completely unintentional.

Although Santana’s heel was still sort of digging into her, Quinn liked knowing that her girlfriend enjoyed what she was doing. Propping herself up slightly, she quickly moved two fingers into Santana and repeated the nip at her clit, anxious to know what response that would bring.

Santana’s eyes closed and she tilted her hips up some more before rocking as best as she could against Quinn’s fingers. She then got her other leg onto Quinn’s shoulder, then remembered that they had an audience and opted for more of a split instead.

Quinn pulled her mouth back as Santana tried to decide what to do with her legs, but continued moving her fingers. “Look at you, opening your legs like a slut. Do you like knowing that we’re being watched?” She asked then forcefully pushed a third finger in.

Santana practically shuddered, that had felt so good. “Yes, turn around and look at him, I think we’re killing his mind.” Why did she keep talking? “Don’t stop, don’t stop, god, Quinn, I love you-- wait-- oh god, what?”

The blonde was just following orders and turning around to luck at their spectator but then Santana had said that so Quinn couldn’t do anything but turn back and look down at her girlfriend. “Do you mean it? Say it again,” Quinn said in a demanding tone and increased the speed of her fingers.

Santana moaned again, her hips bucking up faster, and nodded. “Yeah. I guess I do. Act a little more pleased about it, why don’t you,” she said quickly, forcing her eyes open so she could look down at Quinn.

Quinn was so focused on what Santana was saying (and doing, because it was really hot) to her that she had practically forgotten that Artie was even there still. “I guess I do too,” she replied with a smirk then twisted her fingers hard.

“You better,” Santana said immediately, her hips rising off of the ground this time for a moment as she moved against Quinn’s hand. “Why did you. Stop. I mean. Don’t stop. But why did you. Stop stopping!”

The more frantic Santana got, the more amused Quinn was. And she kept changing her mind about stopping, though she knew what her girlfriend meant, so the blonde kept her fingers still for a few moments. “If you don’t make up your mind, I won’t let you come,” Quinn teased with a devious grin on her face.

Santana shot her a glare. She took the time to catch her breath though, then tried to summon up her normally precise way of talking so Quinn would definitely understand what she wanted. “Quinn fucking Fabray, if you don’t get your head back down and make me come, you’re not getting sex with Wheels.”

Now that the Santana that Quinn knew was back, she smirked and nodded. First though she glanced over at Artie. It appeared he was having an aneurysm or something and she snorted lightly before lowering her face back between Santana’s thighs. Quinn began moving her fingers again then gradually kissed her way from Santana’s hip down to her clit then gently took it in her mouth, sucking lightly.

When she finally felt Quinn’s mouth back on her clit, after what had pathetically seemed like hours, Santana let out an almost contented sigh. She really wanted to beg Quinn to make her come faster, because that was how they usually worked, but Artie was here and if she did that he would think she was weak. She bit her lip then instead of saying anything and closed her eyes again.

Something was wrong since Santana hadn’t come yet, and this was sort of a record for her to hold out. Interpreting it that she wasn’t fucking her fast enough or something, Quinn started moving her fingers faster and sucked on her clit harder, determined to make her come.

Quinn was almost doing too much of everything right now and after a minute it was becoming harder for Santana to keep holding back. The music was still going outside though so she finally pushed her hips up harder as she began to come, gasping out Quinn’s name by habit before remembering that they were technically still in public. She somehow managed to mentally tell herself to switch away from saying her name and hoped that anyone who was outside of the study wouldn’t have been able to hear.

The blonde moved her fingers until she was sure Santana was done coming then slowly retracted her them and moved to hover over her. “Happy Birthday, I love you too,” she said quietly before leaning down for a kiss.

Santana pushed herself up so she could better kiss Quinn, eventually coming back to a kneeling position. “Are you going to go take Wheels out for a spin now, babe?” she asked, giggling, obviously amused by her own lame pun. “I think the condom is over by him. Are you alive?” she asked him, looking over Quinn’s shoulder at Artie.

“Barely,” Artie said, looking entirely overwhelmed at what had just happened. He wanted to demand that Quinn get on him now but he knew that wouldn’t fly with these two.

“You’re funny,” Quinn said, giggling at Santana, but eventually nodded then turned to face Artie. And all Quinn could do was smirk at him. He looked like he was going insane. But if he did actually die (as Santana seemed to believe he would) at least he could die happy since he got to watch two really hot girls have sex in front of him. That was the logic Quinn was set on following anyway, as she scooted closer to him.

Quickly locating the condom, Quinn held onto it as she positioned herself next to Artie and looked at him, trying to take in his general appearance. She had never really given much thought to him before because he was always that nerdy kid in a wheel chair. But actually looking at him now, she realized he was actually kind of cute. In a nerdy way of course. Plus he seemed obedient, and the blonde was all about control.

“We’ve been teasing you a lot, I bet you’re going crazy. Do you want me to kiss you?” Quinn spoke softly and gradually leaned her head down until her lips were hovering right over Artie’s.

Instead of answering, Artie tilted his head up and kissed Quinn, unable to resist the temptation any longer. He placed his hands on the small of her back and wished she had straddled him right away, but that would have probably been too easy.

Santana watched Quinn and Artie kiss for a moment before deciding that he was way too shy about everything and that she clearly needed to facilitate the process. She moved closer until she was behind her girlfriend, sandwiching her in between their bodies, and brought her hands around so she could undo Quinn’s skirt and push it down.

Quinn was rather impressed that Artie just decided to go for it, at least enough that she decided not to scold him for it. She felt herself comparing the kiss to how it was to kiss Santana. His lips were a little rougher, he didn’t taste like lip gloss, the slight stubble on his chin was rubbing against her skin, it was a lot less frantic. It was all very different. Maybe it was just because it was the first time they had ever kissed, but even then, despite it being very different, she kind of liked it.

All Quinn’s thoughts regarding Artie and kissing were wiped out of her head though when she felt Santana pulling down her skirt. She pulled back abruptly and looked back at her girlfriend. “Someone’s in a rush,” she tried teasing, though voice came out a little shaky.

“Artie was never going to do it,” Santana pointed out, smirking back at Quinn. “And I know you want it so you can stop acting like I wasn’t doing you a favor. So are you going to go fuck him now?” Except saying that made her jealous again so she leaned forward and kissed Quinn again as though to remind her who she belonged to.

“You are so hot when you’re jealous,” Quinn mumbled out between kisses and wound a hand through Santana’s hair, grabbing firmly and pulling their faces closer together. Even though Artie had been waiting forever, she figured he could wait a couple minutes more, and focused on nibbling on her girlfriend’s bottom lip.

“Don’t think this means you can make me jealous whenever you want to,” Santana said after a moment, rather fondly, pulling away and making eye contact with Artie over Quinn’s shoulder. “And you. Don’t enjoy yourself too much.”

Artie shook his head ‘no’ out of sheer fear that if he said or did something wrong, Santana would take away his Quinn-sex privileges.

Santana was now torn about whether she wanted Quinn to really enjoy herself now or to have it just totally suck. If it was good, she might decide she wanted to have sex with guys all the time... or she could decide that the one time was good enough and be done with it. But she would actually kind of weirdly feel responsible if it sucked, which was... not logical. Thinking about it was driving her crazy, though, so she set her jaw as she always did when making up her mind about something and leaned in some more to try and make eye contact with Quinn. “Don’t make him wait anymore.”

Letting Santana call the shots was turning Quinn on and honestly she didn’t want to wait anymore either. The blonde nodded then delicately opened the condom wrapper and tried pushing his boxers down. Only it was sort of difficult when he couldn’t naturally lift up his hips. Turning to Santana with a pout, she said, “baby, help me.”

Artie had kind of been sitting there in a daze while Quinn was trying to get his boxers down, but he snapped out of it when she spoke. He took his hands off of her and leaned back, pushing himself up just enough to enable Santana to tug the rest of his clothes down. Feeling suddenly exposed now, he lowered himself back down and coughed a little, awkwardly, to try and remind Quinn that she was supposedly on a mission.

Quinn gave Santana a kiss of thanks before turning back to Artie, eyes immediately honing on on his newly exposed... body part. Considering her first time had been a drunken fumble (well actually this wasn’t any different) she hadn’t actually looked at it before. And now all she could do was blush and stare. Luckily Artie’s slight cough broke her out of her daze and she gently took the condom out and rolled it on before looking back at Santana. “I did that the right way, didn’t I?”

Santana really wanted to lie and say she hadn’t, but instead she nodded and gave Quinn a push towards Artie. “Your underwear’s really cute tonight, babe,” she said suddenly, finally noticing. “Is it new?”

“Yeah, they match the bra. Aren’t they cute with the little bow?” Quinn said, giggling, and pointing at a little bow on her hipbone before finally peeling the underwear off. She stared at Artie again for a few moments but then moved to straddle him, resting back on his upper thigh, and leaned down to kiss him. They should ease into it, right?

All Artie could think about was why wasn’t she on him yet and he decided to try and take matters into his own hands (figuratively). He broke the kiss, then looked at both of them before solemnly saying, “As you know, this is going to be my first time. And you’re already prolonging it. So what was already going to probably not last for a while is now going to definitely not last if something doesn’t happen. I’m just being logical.”

Quinn bit her lip to stop herself from grinning too widely at how amused she was by the fact that Artie was being so completely logical when he was about to have sex for the first time. He did have a point though so she moved her hand between them. She ran her fingertips up and down his cock first just to size it up before finally positioning him at her entrance then looked at Santana. “Please?”

“Shut up, Wheels,” Santana said, rolling her eyes good-naturedly before mentally preparing herself. “Yeah, go on, permission to fuck him granted,” she added to Quinn, now thinking for a moment about where the place for herself to be was. She settled on straddling Artie’s legs as well, behind Quinn, and moved her hair out of the way before kissing the back of her neck encouragingly.

With permission, Quinn began lowering herself down on Artie, hissing slightly at the sensation. It was different than being fucked by Santana’s fingers. It was a fuller feeling and it took her a moment to get used to. But once she did, she moaned quietly and started moving slowly. She looped a hand back to tangle her fingers in Santana’s hair and settled her other hand on Artie’s chest for stability. “Are you okay, Wheels?”

Artie nodded a little, faintly, and tried to remember how to breathe. “Yeah,” he said then, looking at Santana questioningly before placing his hands on Quinn’s thighs. “Definitely more than okay. Are you okay? I’m sorry you have to do everything.”

“Quinn likes doing everything,” Santana said dismissively. Even she was vaguely aware (nowadays, at least) that it wouldn’t be a good idea to touch on his condition negatively.

“I do like being on top,” Quinn said with another whimper and rocked her hips a little more roughly against Artie.

Artie bit his lip hard. “As long as you’re-- wow-- okay with it,” he said then, quickly, and forced himself to run through chord spelling in Cb minor in his head to distract himself.

Artie was probably having a stroke or something from the way he was concentrating so hard on something. Deciding it was just best to let him do his thing, Quinn turned her head to look at Santana. “Kiss me.”

Santana wrapped her arms around Quinn’s waist and narrowed her eyes, almost to say, ‘you better still love me after this,’ then kissed her, a little less intensely than she had been the whole evening. It wasn’t like Quinn was violently fucking Artie or anything. It would have thrown her off, the two different sensations or whatever. Santana was such a thoughtful girlfriend. And with that thought, she lightly dragged her fingertips down Quinn’s stomach until they found her clit. Yeah, Santana was so totally still in charge here.

Quinn broke her lips from Santana’s with a gasp. “Oh, fuck,” she groaned out then tightened her grip in Santana’s hair before mashing their lips together again. With the more intense kiss, she automatically started moving faster on Artie.

Santana had to admit that this was actually really hot, although this realization just served to make her feel even more possessive than she already had been during the whole situation. She was also kind of annoyed that Quinn was enjoying herself to such a degree because that coupled with her position meant that she couldn’t focus on Santana that much, which was never okay. She broke away from the kiss and turned her head to whisper into Quinn’s ear. “You should squeeze around him. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Santana’s hot breath against her ear made her shudder, and the blonde nodded blindly. Quinn would do just about anything if Santana asked her to right now. It took her a moment to get her focus back but once she did, she bit her lip and purposefully tightened her muscles around Artie.

Artie’s eyes widened immediately behind his glasses and he tilted his head back a little, biting his lip some more. “Can that happened again?” he asked, not really sure who he was asking that to but hoping that one of them would decide he needed to feel that again.

After nodding at Quinn to indicate that she should do it again, Santana used her free hand to grab Artie’s arm and pull him closer to the two of them. She then twisted around Quinn as much as she could and pressed her mouth against his neck, sucking hard. Once she was sure she’d left a mark, she pulled away with a smirk. “That’s to make Tina jealous.”

“Um,” Artie said stupidly. “Wow. Okay.” He couldn’t help but look at Quinn then and raise his eyebrows a little, trying to indicate that he thought her girlfriend was pretty insane.

Being sandwiched between Santana and Artie was entirely overwhelming. Once Santana pulled back from Artie, Quinn turned to her girlfriend with a predatory look. “Fuck, baby, you’re so hot,” she growled out before giving her a hard kiss. “I think we should give him another. Let me give him one too. Please?”

Santana reached out again and ran her thumb along the other side of his neck, right above his collarbone, and giggled when he tilted his head back obediently. “He obviously wants you to,” she said, still amused. “Do it. And then I want you to make him come.”

“Do I get to come too?” Quinn asked, almost begged actually, her voice muffled slightly against Artie’s neck, where she was already beginning to suck gently on his skin.

“Haven’t decided yet,” Santana said honestly, though she didn’t move her hand away from between Quinn’s thighs. “Ask me later.”

Quinn pouted slightly but knew better than to press the issue. If she annoyed Santana further she would get stubborn and spiteful and let her not come just because she could. Instead she focused her attention on Artie, sucking at his skin more and, because he had begged for it earlier, squeezed her muscles around him again.

Artie had been trying to be somewhat quiet throughout all of this but when Quinn started doing that again he couldn’t help but groan. He was really close now and even though he still wanted to prolong it he knew Santana would probably get angry again if he didn’t so he did his best to just go with it. “You’re really good at this,” he said then, not sure exactly who he was talking to, then bit his lip even harder than before as he started to come.

Just as Artie started to come, Quinn pulled back, finished with her hickey. And it was quite the masterpiece, or at least she thought so. She was good at leaving marks. “Santana look at him, doesn’t he look kind of... not nerdy?” She asked, tilting her head as she studied him. “How does it feel, Artie?” She asked with a smirk. She was surprisingly calm about this but she knew she wasn’t allowed to come right now so she wasn’t even going to try.

“That’s because we just made him a man,” Santana said, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world, and smirked some more when Artie calmed down enough to nod in agreement with... well, she wasn’t sure what he was nodding at, but that wasn’t very important. Now that they were done having sex, she moved her hands back onto Quinn’s waist and started glancing around, looking for her clothes, but made no moves towards getting off of Artie yet.

“So,” Artie said, after a moment, still looking shellshocked. “I definitely think I won the break up.”

“Santana...” Quinn bit her lip and twisted to look at her girlfriend. “Please. I want to come. Please?” She moved the hand from Artie’s chest onto the top of one of Santana’s, as if to encourage her to do something with it.

Now that everyone (well, besides Quinn) had kind of calmed down from what had just happened, Santana abruptly pulled away from Quinn and Artie, figuring the sex spell (what?) had been revoked over all of them and that all of this needed to be over. “No,” she said, getting up and beginning to get back into her clothes. Just to prove that it was Quinn that she was annoyed with, she picked up Artie’s shirt once she’d gotten back into her bra and underwear and tossed it at him.

Quinn stayed straddling Artie for a few moments pouting before suddenly feeling angry and getting up suddenly. “No? Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you’re in charge,” she said lowly and grabbed her by the waist roughly, pulling Santana up against her.

“Seeing as how I just let you fuck someone else, I think it’s probably for your own good if you just let me get over this instead of pushing your fucking luck,” Santana retorted, putting her hands on her hips so she wouldn’t get tempted to used them on Quinn.

“Stop pretending. I think you liked it. And if I put my hand down your panties I’m sure you’d be wet again,” Quinn sneered back, as she played with the elastic of Santana’s underwear.

Santana made a face. “It’s not my fault that you’re hot and Wheels makes disturbingly cute sex faces,” she said, wrinkling her nose even more at how strange that sentence really was. “But you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be pissed as hell if I told you I wanted to go sleep with some guy. Hey, wasn’t that like, totally bothering you like an hour earlier?” She stepped back away from Quinn as much as she could.

“Well I only wanted this because I felt jealous. No offense, Wheels,” Quinn said, turning to him briefly before focusing back on Santana. “You told me you love me, and I said it back. Or... I am now. Because I do. Love you. And I’ve had to know about you fucking loads of guys and everyone always wants you and how do you think that makes me feel?” This was seriously getting way too emotional when really all Quinn wanted was one little fucking orgasm.

“There are always going to be people wanting me,” Santana said, gesturing to herself as though that explained everything. “What are you going to do, ask me to let you hook up with someone every time you get jealous?”

Pulling her hands back, Quinn crossed her arms across her chest and realized that she was still naked. But she was stubbornly refusing to get dressed until Santana made her come. “Fine. Let’s make it even. Who do you want to have sex with while I watch?”

Santana felt stupidly near tears all of a sudden. “I don’t want to have sex with anyone except for you,” she said, her voice wavering. “Okay? So... so there.”

So there? How could Quinn respond to that? Instead of speaking, she uncrossed her arms and stepped forward and cupped Santana’s face, kissing her suddenly. “I only want you. But you make me crazy. I--I’m sorry.”

Since Santana seemed to be currently at a loss for words, Artie decided this might be a good time to excuse himself. He’d gotten dressed again, back in his wheelchair, and even managed to sneakily dispose of the condom in some paper while Quinn and Santana were arguing, so he wheeled himself over to the door and looked at them. “Hey, I’m going to go back to the party,” he said, kind of awkwardly. “Um, thanks though. This was fun. I hope you guys work it out.”

Quinn pulled back and glanced over at Artie. “You better not tell anyone about this,” she said warningly, narrowing her eyes at him. “Even though no one would believe you.”

“Of course I won’t,” Artie said, then added with a straight face, “I’ll just say some mysterious person attacked my neck.”

“Actually, you can say that I did that,” Santana said after a moment, trying not to smirk.

“Right. Uh, well... later, Wheels,” Quinn said, feeling a little awkward, and perhaps feeling a little jealous at the fact that if Artie told people about his hickies then her girlfriend would have yet more public exploits with guys while she just had a secret girlfriend.

Santana had been planning that to work out exactly as Quinn had thought it, so once Artie left she made sure the door was properly closed behind him before smirking at Quinn. “Maybe we can be even now.”

“You know what, fine,” Quinn said, gritting her teeth then walked around the room and began collecting her clothes so she could get dressed again. “Happy Birthday.”

Santana followed suit. Once she was back in her skirt, though, she paused and tilted her head slightly, looking at Quinn. “I don’t get why you feel like you have any reason to be mad at me.”

“Because you are my girlfriend. And I don’t want everyone to think you’re a slut. Because you’re only getting fucked by me. And maybe that whole Artie thing was a mistake but I still want you. It didn’t change how I feel about you,” Quinn said, her frustration growing. She didn’t even know why she was upset because really, logically, Santana should be the angry one. Quinn just had sex with someone else while she watched. It was all so fucked up.

“They can think whatever they want to think about me, I don’t give a shit,” Santana said as she shrugged her shirt back on. “I still want you too. But I don’t want to do this. Right now. I don’t like fighting with you but I guess I am still mad at you. So I don’t know what do to about this.” This was probably the most rationally she’d ever talked about her anger and it was kind of confusing her.

“But how do you think I feel as your girlfriend when everyone always talks about who you’re fucking? Don’t you think I feel insecure? Just... whatever. I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” Quinn said with a sigh and put her shoes back on.

“Um, and how do you think I feel as your girlfriend when all of a sudden you’re talking about wanting to have sex with guys?” Santana shot back, putting her hand on her hip again.

“I’m done talking about this. I’m drunk and was being stupid. It won’t happen again. Just go and enjoy your fucking birthday party,” Quinn snapped back.

“You’re so difficult,” Santana couldn’t help but say, turning and stalking out. Once she was out of the room she actually had no idea what she was actually going to do, because there was no way she was going to be able to pretend that she was having a good time right now. Deciding that clearly what she needed to do right now was numb up, she went and found Puck, pulling him outside to the deck and bumming a cigarette from him so she could light up.

With Santana gone, Quinn checked her reflection in the window to make sure her hair wasn’t too messed up. Satisfied after smoothing it down some, she exited back out to the party, not really sure what she was supposed to do now. Though it only took a few minutes for her to realize that this party was the last place she wanted to be. She grabbed her coat and walked out the front door, hell bent on walking home, even if it was the middle of the night and a couple mile walk. Well happy fucking birthday.
Tags: rating: nc-17, ship: artie/quinn, ship: artie/santana, ship: quinn/santana, type: fanfic
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