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fanfic: NBD, Just A Virus, NC-17 (Artie/Quinn)

Title: NBD, Just A Virus
Author: ipickquinn & backitup_baby
Pairings/Characters: Artie/Quinn
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 6,941
Spoilers: none
Summary: Crawling lessons with Andy then Artie and Quinn have some "alone" time and are baffled by something.

A/N: This fic was written by ipickquinn (as Quinn) and backitup_baby (as Artie)!

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NBD, Just A Virus

Artie was secretly worried about the fact that Andy had shown no interest in mobility and he was already 10 months old, but he kept this worry to himself because Quinn was already worried enough for all three of them.

“Seriously, it’s no big deal, he’ll do it eventually,” he said, looking skeptically at their son who seemed perfectly content to just lie there and play with toys. “He has a good life. He just gets carried around all the time. Of course he doesn’t want to give that up.”

“That’s not the point, baby,” Quinn said as she, too, looked down at their son. He was currently very much enthralled with a red plastic block, and although it was pretty cute to watch him pound it against the floor (he inherited his sense of rhythm from his dad), he was already 10 months old, he should be doing more exciting things!

“Maybe if I just...” She bent down and tickled him under the chin, smiling as Andy started giggling. He let go of the block and Quinn grabbed it triumphantly. Mission accomplished. “Let’s move it out of his reach and see if he will go to it. Maybe we just haven’t been giving him the right motivation,” she said very seriously.

“Quinn,” Artie said warningly, concerned that Andy would get frustrated by his lack of a toy and start crying. “Don’t. You know he’s got your delicate temperament.”

“Is that what you call it?” Quinn asked, her eyebrow raised, before settling down in front of Andy, keeping the block just out of reach. “Look, he’s wiggling. He wants to crawl. Maybe our son just needs more encouragement from both parents.”

“He’ll crawl when he’s ready!” Artie said, from where he was lying down next to them both. “Don’t pressure him. Is this what you’re going to be like once he starts school? Maybe he’s just not emotionally prepared to move on his own. It’s a big step.”

“He isn’t going to start school for almost five years!” Quinn said, confused as to how that was even relevant in this. “And Andy can’t even think about psychological impacts of self sufficiency yet. All I know is he wants his block, and we should help him achieve that goal,” she continued on stubbornly.

“Fine,” Artie said, rolling his eyes. He pushed himself up so he was sitting, then picked Andy up and settled him back down so he was using his limbs. “I know, this is really uncomfortable and you don’t like it, but I have to do this to you otherwise your mom will be mad at me and no one wants that to happen,” he told Andy very solemnly.

“I’m not going to get mad,” Quinn rolled her eyes. “I just think our baby boy needs some encouragement! He’s so wiggly I can just tell he’s itching to crawl. Isn’t that right, sweetie?” Quinn asked, looking at Andy.

Artie appraised the situation for a moment before speaking again. “Okay. So he likes being on his stomach, which is a good start. And obviously he has head control going on. Another good start. So I guess it’s just whenever he feels like actually moving and supporting himself.” He experimentally let go of Andy, but kept his hands nearby in case he toppled over or something. “Maybe you should just crawl around and he’ll imitate you. Or maybe I just want to see you crawling around because that’d be really funny.”

“See, he has all the signs of being prepared. We just need to give him the extra push of encouragement,” Quinn reasoned then waved the red block at Andy. “Sweetie, come get your block. I know you can do it.”

So far no crawling though. Quinn looked between Artie and Andy. “Well I am clearly the motivator here so you should crawl around and show him how to do it.”

“I can’t do it, he’ll mimic me and it would just be inappropriate,” Artie said, looking over at Quinn with a straight face. “You want him to be able to use his legs, right?”

Quinn wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be scandalized, so she did a bit of both. “I don’t really think he can visually take you all in if you’re crawling side by side so I highly doubt that would matter. And I think from the kicking I’ve witnessed, his legs are going to be just fine.” And just because the whole situation was a little awkward she laughed to break the tension. “You’re not that influential that you can stop Andy’s legs from functioning,” she teased.

“He loves me,” Artie said, very self-importantly, as he humored Quinn and moved back down so he was lying down next to his son. Andy was still propped up on his arms and legs and was making what Artie had successfully learned were his happy, ‘just chillin’ out, I got this’ noises (that was what Santana called them), so he figured so far so good. “He does everything I do. You wait and see.”

Grinning as she watched her two boys, she picked up the block again for some visual incentive. “Of course he loves you. But everything? I think you’ll be surprised,” she said with a smirk. Not that she had any specific plans, but there was no way she was letting her son grow up tucking his shirts into his jeans.

“You both look so cute, maybe I should go get my camera!” Mostly Quinn was just excited she was getting her way, but she’d never say so aloud.

Artie knew full well that Quinn was really pleased that he was going along with her idea, and he also kind of guessed that if this worked he would never hear the end of it. He prepared an argument that they had been working on getting Andy to crawl for two months now and that it was bound to happen eventually, then pulled himself up so he was about a foot in front of Andy. “See, so far this isn’t working,” he said, looking back to check on their son’s progress.

“Well be patient,” Quinn said, slightly annoying. “You keep going on about how we need to wait for it to happen. And we’re just trying this method. So don’t get over anxious,” she chastised. Turning her focus back to Andy, she reached out and tapped the top of his chubby little hand lightly. “Come on, you got this!”

“Come on,” Artie echoed, encouragingly, then started pulling faces at Andy, trying to make him laugh and also to make him want to come closer to him. He successfully swallowed the urge to tell Quinn this wasn’t working.

Quinn watched Artie as he tried to lure Andy into crawling forward, though she was skeptical of his method. “What if he finds your face scary,” she finally asked, amused by this all.

“Andy loves my face,” Artie said, settling into the one that always made his son laugh. He waited until said laughter had been achieved, then turned it on Quinn to see if he’d get the same response.

Unable to hold back a smile, Quinn nodded slightly. “I love your face too.” It didn’t seem like Andy was going to crawl any time soon, which was thoroughly disappointing, but she knew she wouldn’t necessarily miss anything so she leaned forward and gave Artie a kiss. “A lot.”

“I love your face too,” Artie said, echoing on purpose, resting his weight on one arm for a moment so he could reach out and pull Quinn down nearer for another kiss.

Quinn moved herself closer so kissing was more comfortable (all the hunching over really was not working) then grabbed the side of his face, kissing him again, deeper this time.

After a while Artie realized that he didn’t hear their son in the background anymore. He pulled away and opened his eyes, then startled once he saw that Andy was about five feet away by this point. “Quinn! Look, he’s crawling! And kind of ditching us. Go get him before he hurts himself!”

Too shocked, Quinn just held Artie’s face as she stared at Andy crawling away. Finally though she snapped out of it, let go of his face then sprang up to catch up with him. “Andy, look at you crawling like such a big boy. I knew you could do it,” she said happily as she scooped him up.

“Here, let daddy tell you how proud he is now,” she said, sitting back down in front of Artie, putting Andy in her lap.

Artie pulled himself up so he was sitting again, then reached out to tickle Andy and make him smile. “You’re so wriggly, you just want your mom to let you go so you can go crawl everywhere, right? Little wriggly peanut. You’re the cutest peanut ever. Like Mexican jumping beans. Except you’re an... American wriggly peanut. Yeah. That’s what you are!”

Quinn watched this whole exchange, trying not to giggle too much, though was shaking with silent laughter. Artie was just ridiculous, but so cute. “He kind of looks like you when you do those little dances you don’t think people will see. He’s all wiggly and cute and...” She stopped talking, too happy to express with words so she just grinned instead.

“What do you mean?” Artie said immediately, quickly growing serious. “What dances? I don’t do any dances.”

“Really? Don’t try to act like you don’t bounce up and down when you read or see something exciting and think that no one is watching,” Quinn said, looking at him with a smirk. “I think it’s cute, personally.”

Artie blushed darkly despite himself. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said very defensively, reaching out and taking Andy from Quinn. “I don’t do that.” And then, to distract himself from his own embarrassment, he lifted Andy up in the air and blew on his stomach to make him laugh again.

She waited until Artie was done making noises on Andy’s stomach then reached out, scratching her son’s back lightly. “It’s okay, you can deny it all you want. Next time I’ll just film it.” She kept her gaze on Andy and her voice casual, but tried watching Artie’s reaction out of the corner of her eye.

“What-- why would you do that?” Artie asked, before coughing a little and trying to keep his voice calm. He continued lifting and lowering Andy in the air, maybe more than subtly trying to distract Quinn with his arms.

Quinn’s eyes instinctively followed Artie’s arms up and down, watching them flex. “To prove that I’m right, duh,” she said, though her voice was a little distant and distracted.

Artie continued in this manner for a little bit longer before setting Andy carefully back down on the ground to see if he would initiate crawling again. “You would,” he said then, glancing up at Quinn and grinning.

Andy sat there for a few moments, sort of bouncing. Quinn motioned down to their son. “See, where else do you think he learns to do this?”

“You, obviously,” Artie said, nodding his head a little to a song he had stuck in his head.

Quinn just blinked at Artie. “You don’t even realize you’re doing it right now, do you?”

Artie looked away from Quinn so he could keep an eye on Andy, who had just picked himself up and started to tentatively crawl again. “Doing what?”

When Andy started crawling again, Quinn was once again distracted watching him so it took her a few moments to respond and when she did, her voice was distant. “You know, the bouncing, nodding thing...”

“Oh,” Artie said, genuinely surprised. “Do I do it a lot?” he asked then, uncertainly, also still looking at their son.

“Yeah, but it’s cute. And now Andy does it and that’s pretty cute too,” Quinn replied, glancing at him with a smirk.

Artie turned slightly, then lay down with his head in Quinn’s lap. “As long as you think it’s cute, I guess. But hopefully by this point you would think everything I do is cute... right?”

“Of course, baby,” Quinn said, smirking again, then starting running her fingers through his hair. “And I’m totally cute too. But that goes without saying. And Andy is super cute. We’re all just cute.” She was definitely babbling but their son had just crawled for the first time and things were just happy and good.

“Oh, he’s done now,” Artie said quietly, about to launch into one of his play-by-plays that he would frequently do while observing their son. “He’s back on his play mat now. I think he really likes it. I’m glad we got that for him. I think he got tired. Or maybe he just wants to play with his toys again. Oh, he’s looking at us. Okay, he’s done looking at us.”

“Well I’m sure crawling for the first time is a lot of work,” Quinn reasoned and continued to play with his hair. She looked back at Andy then down at Artie’s face. “You know, I think he’s going to have your eyes.”

“I feel like he’s going to just generally look like me,” Artie said, then grumbled slightly. “After all, according to Santana he also has my ears.” He yawned a little, contentedly. “Do you think his hair will get darker?”

“Maybe,” Quinn said as she looked closer at Artie’s. “Though I think he would look nice with a lighter shade of brown.” She leaned down as best she could so her mouth was by his ear. “And for the record, I like your ears,” she whispered before kissing right below the earlobe.

“You better,” Artie said, turning his head a little to kiss her. “You’re going to have to look at them until death does us part or however our vows went. I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“What do you mean you weren’t paying attention?” Quinn asked, narrowing her eyes slightly.

Artie waited a moment before responding, wanting to make sure that Andy was okay. “I was too nervous to pay attention,” he said then, glancing back at Quinn.

“At least you remembered to say ‘I do’ at the right time,” she mumbled, rolling her eyes slightly, then looked up at Andy. “Because if you hadn’t, I might have dumped you at the altar,” she said very seriously. She was joking, obviously, because how could they not end up married when their parents had been calling them that since they were sixteen?

“Well, the priest was kind of cueing me. It was hard to not know when to say that,” Artie joked, reaching for Quinn’s hand so he could hold it. “But I’m glad you didn’t dump me. You know I have problems saying the right thing sometimes anyway, but that never means that I love you less. And then we never would have had Andy. So you made the right decision.”

Quinn looked between Artie and Andy, then smiled. “I love you, too. And I love Andy. And I did make the right decision.” She looked over at Andy again, who was thoroughly enthralled with a large plastic ring, and once she was reassured that he was doing okay leaned down to kiss Artie again.

Artie sat up again after a moment and grinned over at her, moving his arm around her waist. “Maybe we should keep trying to make him crawl and then he’ll get tired out and we can put him down for the evening earlier than usual.”

“That sounds like an alright idea,” Quinn said, trying not to smile, then focused on Andy. “Andy, sweetie, can you crawl over here?” He had an adorable confused look on his face though stayed put. “Come on, you can do it. Crawl over here!” She tried again, trying to sound encouraging.

“You would think we were an entire room away, rather than just three feet,” Artie said, approvingly. “He’s so little and cute. Maybe if you got his toy again that would work better. He’s too distracted,” he added, entirely aware that he had judged her earlier for using the same tactic.

After giving Artie a look of ‘I hope you know you’re ridiculous’ and slightly rolling her eyes, she grabbed the toy nearest to her and held it out for Andy. “Look, don’t you want to play with the giant, plastic car keys? Come on, honey.”

Artie made encouraging faces at his son, then grinned as Andy started crawling towards them again. “Look, he likes me better,” he joked, leaning forward to meet Andy halfway and pick him up.

“He does not,” Quinn said immediately and pouted. “Do you Andy? You love your mommy just as much as your daddy, don’t you?” She asked, reaching out to flatten out some of his stray hairs.

Andy immediately stretched his arms out and made a few noises of obvious protest, clearly wanting to go to Quinn. “Great,” Artie said, to no one in particular.

Quinn couldn’t stop herself from giggling and reached out to take Andy, adjusting him to a more comfortable position. Her laughter continued as Andy nuzzled into her chest. “Oh I see how it is, little guy.”

“This is unfair,” Artie complained, mostly joking. “I have no way to compete with your boobs. How am I supposed to win him over?”

“I don’t know. I mean my boobs are pretty awesome,” she teased back. Andy apparently didn’t find the exchange between his parents very amusing though because he reached up a hand and basically smacked Quinn in the face. “Well someone is impatient. I’m going to go feed him. Want to clean up in here? Then we can try putting him down?”

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Artie said, leaning in to kiss Quinn on the cheek and also plant another kiss on the top of Andy’s head. “It’s been a pretty long day anyway. Hopefully he’ll be sleepy.”

After giving Artie a return kiss, Quinn got up and took Andy to the nursery, talking to him quietly as she fed him. She assumed Artie was just off doing other things so when she was sure Andy was done (and it was really cute because he was sort of dozing off) she put him in his crib, rubbing his back soothingly until she was sure he was asleep.

“Baby?” She called out quietly once she shut the nursery door.

Artie had kept the door to their room open so he could hear when Quinn was done, so he wheeled himself over and stuck his head out into the hallway. “In here,” he said, smiling a little at her. “Did he go down okay? This probably means he’ll be up really early tomorrow but it’s a trade off, I guess.”

“Yeah, all that crawling must have really worn him out. He sort of fell asleep while eating,” Quinn said with a quiet chuckle then went to the dresser to get out her pajamas. “We’re up early anyway, so I’m definitely okay with having an evening with my husband.”

Artie had already gotten ready for bed while Quinn was busy with Andy so he got back onto their bed with a book, then pulled the blankets over him. “Just don’t keep me up too late,” he joked, opening his book back up to where he’d left off. Since Quinn had so thoughtfully put in his calendar when her “no sex” days were when she was expecting her period, he knew that tonight wasn’t a good night.

Quinn quickly changed into her nightgown then crawled into bed next to Artie, rolling onto her side so she was facing him. “Don’t start reading yet, pay attention to me,” she joked then started kissing up his shoulder and neck, clearly looking to fool around for a while.

He rolled his eyes good-naturedly but put his book away on the nightstand, bringing his arm around her waist so he could rub her back. “Someone’s feeling under-appreciated,” he joked, turning his head to kiss her.

“There, that’s better,” Quinn said happily then moved a hand up to cup his face. “Not under-appreciated, just could always use more,” she said before kissing him again, letting herself already get carried away since he was pretty sure Andy would at least be asleep for a few hours so they wouldn’t get interrupted.

Artie kissed her back happily for a moment before remembering. “I can’t give you more right now, though, right?” he asked, a little confused. “Because of circumstances.”

As they kissed, Quinn moved so she was hovering over him. “I must have miscounted,” she said then leaned down to kiss him again, suddenly feeling impatient.

“Are you sure?” Artie asked, though it was hard to choose not kissing Quinn in favor of trying to remember one’s calendar. She was right over his boxers, too, the ones that were beginning to already feel pretty constricting. “I swear you’re supposed to have your period right now.”

Quinn began kissing back down his neck and then his chest. “I was probably a day off. Aren’t there 31 days in this month? That’s probably why,” she said hastily before refocusing her mouth on his collarbone.

“There are, but I don’t think you were off,” he said doubtfully, his hands moving onto her waist and bunching up the fabric so he could pull her down against him. “I’m going to figure this out.”

She let out a quiet whimper (and was actually rather proud of herself that since Andy’s birth she had gotten a lot better at being quiet during sex) before removing her mouth from his chest and looking up at him. “Are you saying you don’t want this? I mean, I can just go to bed,” she said, trying to keep her voice even as she slowly ground down on him.

Artie swallowed a groan and shook his head, tightening his hold on her nightgown. “Of course I want you,” he said, his voice a bit strained. “I just. I’m confused. I’m pretty sure you set it as a repeating task. So it can’t have been off.”

Quinn was beginning to get a little irritated. “Menstrual cycles are usually around 28 days, which means they can’t be on the same day every month. I just messed up the calendar. I’ll start in a day or two. Now either shut up about it and kiss me or I’m going to bed.”

“But you’re on the pill, I don’t get it,” Artie blurted, before pouting a little. “I”m sorry. Don’t go to bed.”

Clearly Artie wasn’t going to shut up on his own so Quinn leaned down again and grabbed his face before kissing him. As the kiss deepened she starting rocking her hips on him again gently.

Artie took the time to really kiss Quinn properly, hoping that if he was focused on this he wouldn’t say anything else that would piss her off. Once he was sure that he wouldn’t, he broke the kiss, his breathing erratic, and moved his hands down so he could start pulling her underwear down. “I want you now, Quinn,” he said, staring up at her.

Pleased with herself that the kissing and subtle hip movements seemed to have distracted him away from worrying about her period (he was seriously so weird sometimes) she pulled back a little further so she could look down at him. “Should I take my nightgown off?” She asked innocently. It wasn’t sex if she didn’t tease a little.

“Yeah, you should. It’s basically off anyway,” Artie said, though that didn’t really make sense since she was still partially covered even with most of it around her waist now. “Come on. Let’s do this.”

Quinn peeled her nightgown off the rest off the way then momentarily got off of Artie to get rid of her underwear as well. “You’re cute when you get antsy. Get up and I’ll pull down your boxers,” she said quietly with a mischievous look.

Artie took a moment to look his wife over, grinning to himself a bit, then leaned back onto his hands so he could lift his lower half up off of the bed. “This really wasn’t what I had in mind when I said we should put Andy down early, just so you know.”

Kissing down his stomach again, Quinn pulled his boxers off then tossed them over the side of the bed. “Yeah you just wanted to read a book, but this is much more fun, right?” She asked, looking up through her eyelashes as she hovered over his waist.

“You haven’t really shown me how fun this is going to be yet,” Artie said, basically daring her to do something to him. “Although you’re definitely a lot sexier to look at than a book.”

“Oh really,” Quinn said, her eyebrows raised. Well Artie knew she never turned down a challenge and with that she gentle wrapped her hand around around the base of his cock and leaned down, barely touching her tongue to the tip.

“You’re such a tease,” Artie complained, his breathing becoming even more erratic almost instantly. In reality, he had both positive and negative feelings about this, and right now the negative side was winning out because he was so impatient for her to just stop with the teasing. “Come on. Please.”

Usually Quinn would go on longer with the teasing but there was always the small chance that Andy would wake up and interrupt this so she decided to be merciful tonight. After placing her other hand on his hip for some stability she took more of him in her mouth and sucked lightly.

Artie fought to keep his eyes open, wanting to watch Quinn do this as much as he could, but eventually he just gave up and closed his eyes. He figured that as long as she didn’t stop he probably didn’t have to say anything else, either, so he bit his lip and tried not to be too noisy.

Alternating between suction and swirling, Quinn looked up at Artie every so often to make sure he hadn’t passed out (well not really) and that he wasn’t too close because she still wanted to get all up on that. Finally though she pulled back, figuring he was probably ready enough for actual sex. “Was that fun enough?”

His eyes opened immediately once he realized that her mouth was no longer on him. “Yeah,” he said, making eye contact with her. “I want you now though. If you’re ready for me.”

She didn’t intend on teasing him much longer, but she couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab his hand and move it between her thighs. “Do I feel ready?”

Artie had no doubt that she was, but since she’d taken her time with him he figured he needed to reciprocate. “Maybe, let me check,” he said, moving his hand up to brush one of his fingers against her clit before moving two of his fingers halfway inside her. “Yeah, a little bit.”

Quinn gasped slightly when he first moved his fingers inside then bit on her lip so she would stay quiet. “Only a little? Maybe, um, you should take care of that,” she said after a while, her voice a little shaky already.

“Okay,” Artie said immediately, moving his hand slowly. “Just let me know what you want and maybe I’ll do it.” After a moment he let his hand move more roughly, wondering if she was in the mood for that tonight.

“Oh, God. Just like that,” she said, whining slightly and rocked her hips against his hand, trying to get more.

An almost devilish smirk appeared on Artie’s face suddenly as he moved his hand faster against the rocking of her hips. “Is this how you want it tonight? Tell me how you’re going to fuck me.”

Quinn could already feeling herself getting close to coming and brought her hands up, cupping her breasts so she wouldn’t fall apart literally or something. That and she just needed something to hold on to. “Hard and fast and fuck--” She bit her lip again and squeezed her eyes shut.

Artie was still way too amused. He had thought it would go away once he got her closer to coming, but that just made him want to torture her even more. It wasn’t like she didn’t do it to him all the time. He waited until he was pretty sure that she was about to come before withdrawing his hand, his smirk turning into more of a grin. “Okay-- so do it now.”

Her body was almost vibrating and she could feel herself about to lose it but then suddenly Artie’s fingers were gone. She let out a loud groan of disappointment and immediately clapped a hand over her mouth. Once she was more in control though she glared down at him. “Why did you do that?”

“I figured you needed to get what you put me through sometimes,” Artie said, still grinning. He pushed himself up so he was sitting, then lazily licked one of his fingers. “And I didn’t want you to come until we were having sex.”

Quinn nearly came from watching him lick his finger like that, which was sort of a weird reaction since she knew what he was licking but it was still oddly hot and totally turning her on and she kind of didn’t care that he didn’t let her come. Instead she kept her gaze focused on him intently and straddled him once more, moving a hand between them to align him at her entrance. “You are such an asshole sometimes,” she half-said, half-moaned as she slid down on him.

“I know you like it,” he said confidently, his voice only shaking slightly. He waited until he’d licked his other finger before putting his hands on her waist, holding her tightly. “Come on, I know it’s better when you come during sex.” Actually, he had no idea, but he needed to keep up the attitude.

Once she moved all the way down on Artie, she paused for a moment so she wouldn’t come right away. She was still pretty worked up for her almost-orgasm and didn’t want this to be over too soon. Once she was settled, she starting moving on Artie slowly. “You’re so sexy when you’re like this.”

Artie had found through trial and error that it was usually best not to think too much when he was doing this. Otherwise he would just second guess himself and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone. “You better think that,” he said instead, biting his lip hard as she moved on him.

She really didn’t have anything intelligible to say in response so she cupped him on either side of his face then leaned in for a kiss, becoming rougher as she started moving on him faster.

He returned the kiss eagerly, picking up on her lead and resisting the urge to be too careful as he did. After a moment he brought one of his hands up her torso, squeezing one of her breasts harder than usual.

Quinn arched her back into his hand and ground down at him hard. Suddenly though she thought she heard something from the baby monitor and stopped abruptly to listen. “Did you hear that?” She asked, panting.

Artie squeezed his eyes shut and tried to concentrate on being a responsible father, even though all he wanted right now was for Quinn to start moving again and never ever stop. “No,” he said after a moment. “Did you hear something?”

She was quiet for a few moments more but when all she heard on the speaker was, well, nothing, she looked down at Artie. “I thought I did, but maybe it was just me being paranoid or him rolling over or something. I think we’re good...” her voice trailed off as she spoke and she found herself gradually leaning back down until she cut herself off by kissing him again then started moving.

“I guess we have to make this a quickie then just to be sure,” he suggested, mostly joking (though he wouldn’t be opposed if she went with it, not at all). He then leaned in and kissed her neck, trying to distract himself from worrying about whether his son was okay, and eventually he refocused on Quinn. “I love you,” he said, in case she’d forgotten.

“I think I was just hearing things,” Quinn said dismissively, but started moving faster on him anyway. She had said she was going to fuck him hard and fast so she had to keep her word after all. “I love you too. So much. And you feel so good.”

It was getting increasingly more difficult for Artie to keep it together and not make a lot of noise, but this was so absolutely worth it. “Good,” he managed, practically groaning out the word. “You feel amazing. I can’t get enough of you.”

Quinn could feel herself getting close again and winded a hand into Artie’s hair. “Are you close? Are you going to come? Am I fucking you fast and hard enough? Baby, I--” she bit her lip momentarily as she tried controlling her voice better. It was one of those times she surprisingly decided to talk dirty and it was really kind of turning her on. Finally though she finished her sentence. “I’m close.”

“Just keep going,” Artie panted out, his eyes closing involuntarily. He moved his hand between them and blindly fumbled momentarily before finding her clit with his thumb and rubbing it in time with her movement.

Quinn nodded and felt her own eyes slipping closed as she started moving just a little faster. With that and the friction against her clit, soon she was tightening around him and coming. She leaned forward and kissed Artie hard to stop herself from moaning out loud and finished riding out her orgasm.

Artie was close but not quite there yet, so he did his best to make sure Quinn would be able to come again if she wanted to (well, why wouldn’t she want to?). He pulled away from the kiss and leaned back so he could carefully move his tongue around one of her nipples.

It took her a moment to realize what Artie was doing but once it clicked in her head that he hadn’t come yet she focused on keeping her movement at the same pace. One of her hands was still wound in his hair so she massaged as his scalp lightly and bit her lip. “Are you trying to make me come again?” It meant to come out more challenging but her voice was shaky.

“Of course I am,” he said immediately, his free hand moving up to her other breast. “Or I can stop if you want me to,” he added, straightening back up and smirking at her momentarily before biting his lip to stop himself from making noise as she continued moving on him.

“Don’t you dare,” Quinn hissed. “I want to make you come. Tell me what to do.” She looked down at him, managing a smirk.

He kissed her, hard, and carefully rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger. “Keep doing that. But squeeze more.”

“Only if you keep doing that,” Quinn moaned out quietly then purposefully tightened her muscles around Artie. “Am I doing it right?” She teased.

Artie bit his lip harder and involuntarily tightened his hands on her. “God, yes, you’re doing everything right,” he said, desperately.

“You want it again?” Quinn asked then repeated the muscle tightening before he could answer. “You feel so good.”

“Yeah, keep doing it,” he said, leaning his head on her shoulder and gasping. “It makes you feel even better. Than usual. A lot tighter. Oh god.”

Quinn tightened once again then moved her mouth by his ear. “Are you going to come inside my tight pussy?” She asked then started nibbling at his earlobe.

Artie’s eyes had closed again but he opened them and lifted his head up to look at her, surprised. “Say that again,” he said, looking and feeling overwhelmed.

Keeping Artie’s gaze, she leaned forward and gave him a kiss before pulling back. “I want you to come in my tight pussy,” she said, blushing slightly.

That had been even better the second time. He stared at her, his mouth opening and closing slightly for a moment, before saying something completely unintelligible. Figuring the sentiment was still there, or something, he moved both of his hands back onto her hips and pulled her down harder onto him, only needing a few more moments before he finally started to come.

Sensing that Artie was about to lose it, Quinn moved a hand between them and started rubbing her clit hard and fast, hoping to time her second orgasm with Artie’s. When he tightened his grasp on her she could feel herself getting closer and few more hard movements later felt herself coming as well. “Oh God,” she moaned out quietly then dropped her head down to his shoulder, burying her face into the crook of his neck to muffle her moans.

It seemed like it took Artie longer than usual to catch his breath this time but he did eventually. “Where’d you learn how to talk like that, hmm?” he asked, kissing her lightly and grinning as he pulled away.

Quinn bit her lip and blushed. “It was just something I’d been, um, wanting to try. It was okay then?” She looked at him a little uncertainly. She wasn’t exactly sure what would happen if it wasn’t okay. But seeing as he got off to it (literally) she figured she would be okay.

“Definitely okay,” he said, leaning in for another kiss and hoping that was reassuring. “It was pretty damn hot. Although you could probably say almost anything to me during sex and I would think it was hot just because of how good your voice sounds while we’re doing that.”

“Well I’m glad you liked it,” she replied, still blushing, before leaning down to give him a long kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said, beaming up at her. “You’re my favorite.”

Quinn leaned down for another kiss. “Lucky you have me for life.”

Artie smiled up at her for a moment before remembering and leaning back towards his nightstand. He twisted a little so he could reach his phone, then pulled himself back up as he pulled up his calendar. “See, we’re on day four of no sex week.”

Having to blink a few times to adjust to the bright screen, Quinn finally focused. “But--that can’t be right. I must have blocked off the wrong week. You know how consistent I am.”

He changed the display so it was showing the previous month. “Here, count off the weeks,” he said, feeling a little worried now about what this could mean if she really hadn’t gotten it wrong.

Quinn finally got off of Artie and rolled to her side of the bed. Once she was settled she grabbed the phone and mentally counted the days from her last period. She had definitely marked the calendar right, so why had they just had sex on a no sex day? “Um... I didn’t mark your calendar wrong. I don’t know...” she trailed off, biting her lip.

Artie looked around for his boxers, then pouted once he realized he couldn’t reach them. He didn’t want to bother with getting out of bed, though, so he reluctantly pulled the covers over them both. “Well, is something wrong? Do you feel different? I don’t know why you wouldn’t have it unless you were pregnant, but that’s not what this is, right?”

Quinn recounted the days just to be entirely sure but when she got the same results she frowned. “How could I be pregnant? I’m on the pill. But I don’t feel sick or anything...”

“You tend to get pregnant when you’re not supposed to be,” Artie said to himself, then smiled innocently over at her.

“Is there ever a time when someone is supposed to be pregnant?” Quinn asked, rolling her eyes slightly then handed Artie back his phone.

Artie put his phone back on the nightstand, then rolled onto his side and moved an arm around her. “Isn’t that what family planning is for?” he asked seriously, rubbing her back a little before moving his hand around to feel her stomach. “Can we please just see if you are or not tomorrow?”

“I already told you, I haven’t messed up while taking the pill. It’s like almost 100% effective. I probably just have a virus or something that is messing with my body,” Quinn tried to reason as she scooted in closer to him to snuggle. “But I’ll check it out tomorrow. Can we just cuddle and sleep now while we have the chance?”

“Oh, that’s comforting. ‘It’s no big deal, baby, I just have a virus,’” Artie said, rolling his eyes, but he moved his arm back around Quinn anyway and pulled her even closer. “Love you.”

“Well there’s just no logical way for me to be pregnant, so... yeah. I’m sure it’s nothing serious.” She placed a kiss on his chest then glanced up at him. “It’s going to be fine. I love you, too.”

“I hope you didn’t give it to me,” Artie said warningly, closing his eyes. “Good night.”
Tags: rating: nc-17, ship: artie/quinn, type: fanfic
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