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fanfic: There's More To Life Than Orgasms, R (Quinn/Santana)

Title: There's More To Life Than Orgasms
Author: ipickquinn & backitup_baby
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Santana
Rating: R
Word count: 5,587
Spoilers: none
Summary: There's some fighting followed by some making up. Then they watch Bring It On.

A/N: This fic was written by ipickquinn (as Quinn) and backitup_baby (as Santana)!

Sequel to: Just Finish Eating My Muffin So We Can Go | God Worked In Mysterious Ways

There's More To Life Than Orgasms

Quinn was confused. Ever since it happened with Santana, it seemed as if her best friend had been avoiding her. They talked at Cheerios when they decided what to do for their warm-ups but even then it was awkward and tense and so not like them. She thought maybe Santana was just having a bad day or something but when it persisted day after day, the blonde finally decided enough was enough.

That afternoon after Cheerios she followed Santana out of practice and grabbed her arm, tugging her down a hallway away from the locker room so they could have a friendly chat.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you being such a bitch and ignoring me?” Well Quinn had tried to be friendly but she wasn’t used to being ignored, especially by her best friend.

“Well?” Quinn asked, narrowing her eyes slightly and putting a hand on her hip.

Santana followed suit and put both of her hands on her hips, glaring right back at Quinn in an attempt to turn offense into defense. She had just thought that she was going to get out and back home without having to talk to Quinn but apparently that had failed.

“Oh, I’m the bitch?” she practically hissed, then glanced around to make sure none of the other Cheerios or any of the football guys were wandering around after practice. “All I’m doing is making things go back to normal.”

“Last time I checked, we used to be best friends. Best friends don’t ignore each other. So what the fuck is your deal?” Quinn shot right back, crossing her arms now. The truth was, she didn’t want Santana to know how much this hurt her. They had been friends forever and it made her sad that just because of some... complicated things, Santana was willing to just throw it all away.

“Fine, whatever, let’s just be best friends,” Santana said, especially harshly, to cover up the fact that she really wasn’t okay with the idea of going back to how things were before everything went crazy and she and Quinn started... Well, it wasn’t important, because Quinn just wanted to be friends. “Clearly that’s what you want. Are we done now?”

“Seriously, why are you being like this to me? If I had known that...” Quinn trailed off and shrugged slightly, hoping Santana would know what she was talking about. “Would make this happen then...” She trailed off again.

Would she really have taken it back? Because she was sure the fact that she enjoyed it meant that she had more than best friend type feelings for Santana. But obviously Santana didn’t feel the same way and was trying to ice her out. Well fuck her. “Just whatever. Go if you want.”

Santana knew that the smartest thing to do right now would be to turn around and walk away, but she never really did the smartest thing. Instead, she looked away for a moment, before summoning up the rest of her nerve (usually she had almost an abundance of that, so what the hell was going on now?) and saying, “Come on. You say that like. I know it was just... a one time one sided thing. You kind of made that clear after you like, just drove off. I can’t believe I drive-by fucked you.”

Quinn gave Santana a scandalized look. It made her sound like such a slut. And that was not what had happened at all. “I told you I wasn’t ready yet. But that I would be soon. How does that make it a one time one sided thing? Do you even listen to me when I talk? If I wanted to date a moron I’d still be with Finn. I mean...” Crap.

Santana had started talking over Quinn before abruptly stopping herself. “I listen to you talk but sometimes you just say way too much-- what?” She stared at Quinn, then shook her head a little. “You don’t want to date me. You didn’t even like.” She was feeling strangely near tears for some reason so she stopped talking again so she could get a hold of herself. “Nevermind.”

“I think it’s you who doesn’t want to date me, which, fine whatever. If you just want to go along in life drive-by fucking people, enjoy that. But I obviously wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t like you and stuff.” Quinn uncrossed her arms and smoothed down her uniform top. “So when you are done being an idiot, call me.”

Even though Quinn knew it was totally dramatic and actually kind of stupid, she turned around and walked away before Santana had the chance to respond.


That Friday, after another week full of stilted in-person conversation and awkwardness between her and Quinn, Santana had decided she had had enough. After school, she settled down to an anxious staring contest with her cell phone before picking it up in one fluid motion, like ripping off a bandaid, and hitting send to dial Quinn’s number. She let it ring twice before hanging up and throwing the phone back on her bed. What the fuck, Lopez, get your fucking shit together. This is stupid. You’re hot. She likes you. You totally want to drive-by fuck her again, except maybe afterwards cuddle or something this time, she told her reflection in the mirror, before picking her phone up again.

“Hey. Um, it’s Santana,” she said, once Quinn had answered.

“Did you chicken out the first time?” Quinn asked, rather than say hello back. The blonde might have been smirking in victory. She knew Santana would call. Well, she hoped she would anyway. And the whole week had been torture when night after night she didn’t. But now she was, and Quinn needed to keep her cool, which was probably why she went straight for the taunting. It was always a trusty fallback.

“I was disconnected,” Santana retorted, then rolled her eyes at how apparently this year she was just totally pathetic. Being in New Directions had seriously made her so uncool. “AT&T can like, suck my balls and stuff.” Okay, that was not relevant, Lopez. Or true. Even though AT&T does suck. She paused, then tried again, knowing Quinn was totally making her work for it. “Do you want to come over?”

“Yeah, totally. Stupid AT&T,” Quinn said slightly amused. “And, um, yeah, I’ll be over in a little bit.” Cool, calm, collected, in control. You got this, Fabray. After hanging up she checked over her appearance in the mirror, happy with the casual but hot reflection staring back. She wasn’t expecting anything but she that wasn’t an excuse to not look awesome.

“I’m going to Santana’s, mom,” she called out before leaving. It didn’t take her long to drive over and soon enough she was knocking on Santana’s front door, swinging her purse back and forth slightly as she waited for someone to answer.

Santana waited for a set amount of time before going to answer the door and let Quinn inside. “Hey,” she said, kind of awkwardly, her hands in the pockets of her jeans. “I’m glad you could come over and stuff. Do you want to, like. I don’t know. We can go downstairs and watch a movie or something.”

Cool, calm, collected, in control. “Yeah, sure that sounds good. What do you want to watch?” Quinn asked as she took off her shoes and sweater. “We could always watch Bring It On. Unless you have something else in mind.” The cheerleading movie was one they had both watched religiously growing up. Maybe that would help diffuse some of the awkwardness between them.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Santana replied, doing her best not to completely stare at Quinn as she took her sweater off. It was just weird knowing that she didn’t really have to hide that anymore, and, in retrospect, she had never noticed how much she had stared at her best friend while they were growing up. “Quinn is here and we’re going downstairs,” she called out to her parents before they went downstairs to the basement.

Since it was her house she went up to the television and retrieved the DVD, then put it in the player. Once she was sitting down on the couch, though, she remembered and asked, “I guess like, do you want some popcorn or something? I can get popcorn.”

Quinn worked on putting on chapstick and only slightly oogling Santana’s ass as she bent over to put the dvd in. It was actually quite weird for the blonde to seemingly be the more confident one here since Santana had been doing the gay thing longer. Not that Quinn necessarily thought she was gay. Maybe just half gay. Or just gay for her best friend type of gay.

The blonde blinked a few times to bring her out of her thoughts and nodded at Santana. “Yeah that’s fine. I’ll fast forward through the commercials and stuff,” she said, holding her hand out for the remote.

Santana nodded back, then abruptly went back upstairs to get the popcorn, inwardly chastising herself for being so god damn awkward and so fucking unlike her usual self right now. It vaguely occurred to her that maybe this was so hard because it might actually mean something, but she wasn’t going to let herself dwell on that until she knew for sure what was going on between her and Quinn. And with that decisive thought, she went back downstairs with a bag of popcorn and sat down a reasonable distance away from her friend. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

It was sort of awkward at first because they were both being all weird and quiet (though granted they were watching a movie, but they had seen it a million times and usually added commentary or quoted along) and Quinn felt like she had to reach forever away to get any popcorn (did Santana think she had cooties or something?) though finally the blonde broke the silence.

“You know I had a dream someone dropped me during a routine. Except it was kind of cool because afterwards you punched them in the face.” Quinn glanced over at Santana out of the corner of her eyes and smirked slightly, as if her punching someone in the face was a sweet gesture or something.

“That’s like, exactly what I would do in that situation too,” Santana said immediately, tentatively smirking back at Quinn. She kind of wanted to move closer now but she didn’t know if that would be too obvious. But that was totally friendly, sitting next to each other on the couch. It wasn’t too forward or anything. It would be a legit move. So she moved over a little, but somehow managed to accidentally bump her knee against Quinn’s. “Sorry,” she said then, kind of needlessly, but it felt like the right thing to say.

“It’s okay,” Quinn said, perhaps a little too softly, then bit her lip. “Um, anyway, yeah I figured that you would. That’s why my dream was actually kind of awesome even though the dumb bitches dropped me,” she said, forcing herself to talk so she wouldn’t get all over analytical about Santana scooting closer to her on the couch.

Santana glanced over at Quinn and was suddenly overcome by a powerful need to be the one biting Quinn’s lip. “Yeah, it sounds pretty awesome, but that’s because it was really about me being awesome,” she said, talking herself up like always. “That’s kind of cute, you having dreams about me... being your own personal superhero... uh, so I like this scene.”

“What? Just because you punched a girl for me doesn’t make you my personal superhero,” Quinn said, scoffing slightly. Except... is that what that was? It sort of freaked her out thinking of her dream in those terms. “Yeah I like this scene too,” she said to distract her from the weird thoughts she was having.

“Come on,” Santana said, even though she had just been trying to ignore the conversation topic she herself had brought up. “I’ve been like, saving your ass since we were still kids.” She did her best to keep her voice light and not make it seem as though she were talking about anything more than just their platonic friendship. “You need me around.”

“I could totally punch people for myself, you know,” Quinn said defiantly, though she knew Santana was sort of right. It was just how their relationship--no, currently just friendship--worked. “Whatever. Just give me some popcorn.”

“When have you ever punched anyone?” Santana asked immediately, dropping the popcorn in Quinn’s lap. Now she didn’t know what to do with her hands, though. She’d been keeping them on the popcorn bag so she didn’t get tempted to do anything else.

“Well... I haven’t. But that’s only because you always punch them first. Maybe you just like being my super hero,” Quinn said, glancing at Santana then focused on grabbing a handful of popcorn. “Which, I mean, you must since you just came over and tried rescuing me before we even knew each other.”

Santana looked away and focused hard on the television, before saying quietly, “Maybe I do like it.” She couldn’t help the feeling that they were totally on a date right now, except that it wasn’t like any other date she had ever been on. It wasn’t as though she didn’t know everything about Quinn already so she couldn’t make small talk. They had to actually like, talk about their feelings. Or flirt. Well, Santana was good at that.

“Well maybe I do too,” Quinn said, biting her lip again. She really couldn’t imagine not having Santana around. It wasn’t like she was the big sister she never had because 1. she had an older sister and 2. if she were, the kissing and drive-by sexing would be totally inappropriate and 3. just ew. But it was one of those important life-impacting kind of things, even though it was totally cliché. “Here,” Quinn said, suddenly handing the popcorn back, her hand brushing against Santana’s.

Santana’s eyes immediately dropped back down to Quinn’s mouth and she wondered how she had never noticed how stupidly cute that lip bite thing was. Maybe she was doing it on purpose. Maybe that was one of her moves. “Thanks,” she said, kind of dumbly, silently acknowledging to herself that if it actually was one of the blonde’s moves, she had totally fallen for it, before leaning over suddenly and kissing Quinn.

Quinn let out a sudden whimper of surprise when Santana’s lips pressed against hers though quickly moved in closer to kiss her more properly. She heard the popcorn bag crunch between them and pulled back, swearing under her breath, before reaching down to move it out of the way and attacking Santana’s lips again.

This was totally a date. Santana had no other explanation for why they were all of a sudden kind of furiously making out while a movie was going on in the background. Not that she was complaining. She leaned in more and kissed Quinn a little more desperately, trying not to think about how long it had been since she had gotten any.

Quinn couldn’t remember the last time she made out during a movie but she had forgotten how awesome it was. She moved her hand down to Santana’s waist, pushing her shirt up slightly and slipping her hand under and onto the other girl’s bare skin. Quinn thought she might be getting a little ahead of herself but everything was just fast and hot and rough and amazing. Yeah, movie make outs were definitely awesome.

Santana brought both of her legs up onto the couch, then leaned up and over a little more so she could start moving them both into a more horizontal position. “God, Quinn, if you don’t fuck me tonight I swear I--” It was her turn to bite her lip then and follow it up with a deep breath. “I will totally be cool with it because. I want you to be ready and stuff.”

It was totally embarrassing, but Quinn totally snorted at that. In an attempt to cover it up she cleared her throat and moved herself with Santana so they were lying down. “Maybe you’ll be surprised,” she said teasingly then moved a hand up into the other girl’s hair. “So just shut up and kiss me.”

Quinn’s obvious amusement at her expense just made Santana all kinds of indignant. She wedged one of her legs in between Quinn’s and shifted a little, momentarily and kind of clumsily, until she could get her thigh up against her and move it a little, experimentally. “You shut up.”

Santana had this sort of feral look on her face, and Quinn just blinked a few times, biting her lip again. She was losing the ‘in control’ aspect of her facade. Well really she was losing all the c’s of her mantra, which totally wasn’t cool. Instead of answering though (because she really had nothing intelligible to say) Quinn pulled Santana’s face down and kissed her.

Santana kept up the kissing to the best of her ability, knowing that if they stopped she would probably ask Quinn to at least feel her up or something. She did pull away though, just for a little bit, so she could smirk down at her... something... and lean back in to finally bite at her lip.

Tightening her grip in Santana’s hair, she moved her hand further up Santana’s shirt and grazed the underside of her bra before rubbing up and down her rib cage. Even though this whole making out with a girl thing was totally new, she was pretty sure she liked it (a lot) more than making out with a boy.

Seeing as how it would have been almost too good to be true that Santana had willed Quinn to touch her and it come true, Santana kind of expected that it actually wouldn’t have happened. That didn’t stop her from pulling away again, just a bit, from the kiss. “Fucking-- god, you and your stupid-- there is totally nothing wrong about pleasing,” she mumbled, mostly to herself.

“What?” Quinn asked as she pulled back slightly to look at Santana. “This isn’t... pleasing?” Oh fuck, am I doing it wrong? Quinn thought, slightly panicked. “What do you want me to do?”

Hearing Quinn talk kind of snapped Santana back into reality. “I mean-- it’s good,” she said, backtracking hastily. “I like. I am enjoying myself.” It was really hard to talk when it was really hard to breathe. “I’m just not used to people not going for my boobs when they have access to them.”

Thinking about how many people had probably had access to Santana’s boobs made Quinn frown slightly. It somehow cheapened the experience. Not that she thought Santana was cheap. She had always know her best friend enjoyed the bodily pleasures and such, but if Quinn was going to be doing this with Santana, she wanted to know it wasn’t just about that. That they were more or something. All these damn emotions that she didn’t know how to process were screwing this up.

“Oh. Well, I’ll keep that in mind I guess. I mean, I can touch them if you want me to,” Quinn said a little uncertainly, and bit her lip. She seemed to be doing that a lot tonight.

“I want you to, but only if you’re ready,” Santana said immediately, wondering what she had done to make Quinn frown like that. She should have just not said anything. Except she was full of words tonight and none of them were forming coherent sentences. “I just like. Why is this so hard? Saying what I feel.” She paused, then asked, “Did you mean it when you were kind of talking about wanting to date me?”

“I thought you didn’t want to date me,” Quinn said, still frowning slightly, but moved her hand so it was over Santana’s left breast and traced along the edge of her bra.

“I didn’t,” Santana said honestly, her breath hitching a little. “But I do now. If you think I’ve stopped being an idiot enough for you.”

“What, so now you’re worthy or something? I don’t want you yanking my chains around,” Quinn said very seriously, though continued moving her hands on Santana, dipping a finger into her bra to flick at her nipple.

“I won’t. I don’t want to,” Santana said, the words coming out all in a rush. “But answer my question. Did you mean it?”

“I meant it if you’re going to legit be my girlfriend and not let other people have access to your boobs,” Quinn replied, scraping her nail against Santana’s nipple now.

Santana was suddenly glad she’d had the foresight to get herself over one of Quinn’s legs because her hips were rolling without her having told them to do so and there was contact and pressure and finally everything was beginning to feel good. “You can get my boobs whenever you want them,” she said, eyes closing.

Quinn pinched Santana’s nipple now and moved her other hand onto the other girl’s waist, helping her move. “Only mine.” She had watched Finn pant over Rachel and she wasn’t about to go through that again. “Say it.”

Santana remembered that her parents were upstairs just in time, but that didn’t stop her from practically growling out Quinn’s name. “God. Please. I want you. I want to be yours,” she said then, surprisingly not at all ashamed that she was kind of begging.

“I guess it’s okay if you come now,” Quinn said, smirking slightly and tightened her grip on Santana’s waist to pull her more against her leg.

One of the seams on Santana’s jeans was, kind of fortuitously, right up against her clit right now so she was getting surprisingly close. She was almost surprised at how totally easy she was being, but it had been a long time and it was Quinn, which explained everything in a weird way that she couldn’t figure out quite yet. It wasn’t much longer before she came, shaking a little and leaning down to kiss Quinn so she wouldn’t make any suspicious noises.

Quinn watched intently as Santana got closer to the edge. It was the first time she had seen something like this but watching her best friend like this was more than hot, it was, as cheesy as it sounded in her head, kind of beautiful. So when Santana kissed her, she easily kissed back and directed the girl’s hips until she was sure she was done with her orgasm.

“Was that okay for a rookie?” She asked, her tone amused, once she removed her lips from Santana’s.

Santana nodded as she tried to calm down, though she knew she would still be up for more if that was what Quinn wanted to do. “I guess you were okay,” she said, smirking. “A little possessive though.”

“And you were a little willing,” Quinn quipped back as she pulled her hand out from under Santana’s shirt.

“I was distracted,” Santana said defensively, blushing a little as she remembered what she had said to Quinn. And had she seriously managed to come without Quinn even touching her anywhere actually interesting?

“I think you’re lying,” Quinn said, all too pleased with herself. “You must really want me.” She put her hands back on Santana’s waist, moving her thumbs in circles around her hipbones. “So were you serious? When you said you wanted to date me?”

Santana considered bringing Quinn’s ego down a little bit but decided that would probably result in the blonde flouncing away again. “How many times do you want me to say that I want to be with you?” she said instead.

“I don’t know, you keep changing your mind about it. What if you were only saying that because you were about to come?” Quinn blushed slightly. She hated that this was making her so vulnerable. She and Santana didn’t do emotions very well and this whole thing involved way too many.

“I wouldn’t just say that because I was getting some,” Santana said quietly, not even bothering to hide the fact that she was hurt by that. She got the feeling they were done messing around for now so she twisted a little and moved so she was more lying down next to Quinn. She considered moving her arm around and over Quinn’s waist but she needed to know that the other girl didn’t think she was that desperate for sex. Even if sometimes she was.

Quinn didn’t exactly know what to say now. She could tell that Santana was hurt by what she said, but she had watched her best friend for years and saw how she treated sex as this power tool and how was she to really know that this was different? “I just, I want to know this is different. Than other times,” she finally mumbled.

Santana was completely at a loss for words. How the hell was she supposed to make that like, evident? Quinn obviously didn’t think she was capable of having a real relationship. And maybe she wasn’t. But she couldn’t just lie there and say nothing. “Because when I think about going to college next year you’re the only one I’m really going to miss,” she said finally.

There was this weird achy feeling in Quinn’s chest and she bit her lip before nodding at Santana. “Good answer. Now maybe you should kiss me to, like, seal the deal,” she said, smirking now.

“So if I kiss you now then we’re dating?” Santana asked as she casually moved one of her legs over Quinn’s, pushing herself up a little too so she could better look down at her. “Just so we’re all clear.”

Quinn nodded and looked up at Santana in anticipation. “Yeah, that sounds about right,” she said quietly, staring at the other girl’s lips.

“Here goes then,” Santana said just as quietly, all of a sudden feeling stupidly nervous. Before she started worrying about what would happen if she had a freak kissing accident and did it wrong or something (except that wasn’t actually a possibility because Santana was really good at kissing... she had references and everything), though, she pushed herself up a little more and kissed Quinn.

The closer Santana’s lips got to hers, the more anxious Quinn got. But finally they were there and all the nervousness melted away. This was Santana, her best friend, she was kissing. It was a little shocking that after all these years this was happening but somehow it made sense. Eventually though, they broke apart, and Quinn gave Santana a small smile. “Want to finish the movie? I know how much you like the next part.”

“Yeah, there’s no way we’re not finishing this,” Santana said, because it was Bring It On. And she had never been able to watch this movie with anyone that she was dating before now, so maybe going out with Quinn was going to be awesome in more ways than she had previously expected. “Um, I’m just going to stay here though. If that’s okay.”

Quinn nodded and shyly turned her head, giving Santana a quick kiss on the cheek. This could totally be good, dating her best friend. Adjusting herself so she was more comfortable, she focused back on the movie, feeling much happier than she had all week.

Santana finally draped her arm over Quinn’s waist and tried not to smile too much as they continued watching the movie. A thought occurred to her suddenly as she was blindly feeling around for Quinn’s hand and she blurted, “Hey. Are we like, telling people?”

While Quinn was enjoying Santana basically feeling her up while she looked for her hand (or at least that was what Quinn assumed she was doing) she finally just reached out and took her hand. “Um, I don’t know. Do you... want to?” The blonde didn’t think she was exactly ready to be public about this but she also didn’t want to offend her friend.

“I don’t know. I mean... that would be like. We don’t exactly fly under the radar and stuff... people would notice. Not that I would be embarrassed to be seen with you. I am seen with you a lot. But... do you know what I mean?” It was the stupid sentimental part of the movie right now, where Torrance was talking about doing things their own way and all that stupid stuff, so Santana shifted a little behind Quinn and started kissing her neck.

It was sort of scary how instinctively Quinn leaned her head back to give Santana more access to her neck, as if this were a normal thing for them. “I know what you mean,” she said, her breath hitching in her throat. “So, we’re keeping this under the radar then?”

“Yeah, for now,” Santana confirmed, tightening her leg around Quinn and trying to pull her closer. “This part is boring. You’re sleeping over tonight, right?”

“Are you going to make it worth my while?” Quinn asked, smirking.

Santana kissed her way up to Quinn’s ear and smirked before whispering, “I kind of want to fuck your brains out tonight, so...”

Quinn was rendered speechless for a few moments as she blushed at Santana’s bluntness. Finally though she managed to think clearly enough to respond. “That’s definitely enough incentive.”

This was definitely much more entertaining than the lame sappy part of the movie. Santana was working on a timed schedule though since the final routines were going to come on soon and even though she practically could perform them all herself from memory, she still liked to check them out. “I know I was being a total shithead and stuff,” she continued, “but I knew you were going to forgive me eventually once you realized no one was going to be able to make you come like I did that night.”

The more Santana talked like that the more Quinn blushed. Though she couldn’t deny that it was turning her on, and she shifted slightly, feeling anxious. “I--” She swallowed hard. “There’s more to life than, um, orgasms.” Her voice was hardly convincing though as she recalled just how amazing it had felt.

“That’s true, but the rest of life isn’t as fun,” Santana said after pretending to consider this. She knew that she was having an effect on Quinn so she let go of her hand and moved hers down so she could slowly start massaging Quinn’s thigh. “I think we should have sex in the locker room.”

“What?!” Quinn hissed out quickly. “You want to have sex at school?” She was trying to act scandalized but really the idea just sort of turned her on more. “What if we, um, get caught?” She asked, her eyes wide (though probably from arousal).

Santana managed to successfully hide the laughter that was threatening to come out at the look on Quinn’s face. She instead grinned at her confidently and said, “We won’t get caught.” And then, purposefully abruptly, “Okay, the good part is back on now,” placing her hand back in neutral territory on Quinn’s stomach.

“Oh, um, right,” Quinn said quietly and focused on the movie again. “I wonder who’s going to win,” she said in a lame attempt at cracking a joke. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen this a million times.

As the Clovers were going through their routine, Quinn turned to Santana. “You were serious about the fucking me later part though right?” Well that had been sudden. “I just mean... um. Never mind.”

“Of course I was,” Santana said, silently congratulating herself on successfully getting Quinn all worked up. “Not doing that would be mean and I am nothing if not a nice person.”

“Right,” Quinn said slowly, as she found it hard to concentrate when all she could focus on was the tight knot in the pit of her stomach. “Well okay then,” she said, sort of lamely, then refocused herself on the movie to watch the Toros get their asses kicked.

“I don’t know how anyone ever thought the Toros would actually win with this routine,” Santana said conversationally, moving her hand onto one of Quinn’s breasts for a moment (on purpose, this time) before taking her hand again.

Quinn gasped slightly and ground her teeth together, determined not to look too desperate. “Yeah I think they really blew their chances when they included weird mime moves into their routine.”

“Definitely,” Santana agreed, sighing contentedly. “Are you okay? You sound a little... tense.”

“I’m fine,” Quinn said, rolling her eyes slightly. The blonde knew that Santana knew exactly what she was doing. It was all just a big mess of knowing.

Finally, the Clovers got their first place trophy (which they both knew was going to happen) and Quinn turned to Santana. “You don’t want to the ‘Hey Mickey’ part do you, because maybe we should just, um, go to your room and... stuff.” Smooth, Fabray, smooth...

“I’m good,” Santana said, sitting up and smirking over at Quinn. “Let’s go upstairs.”
Tags: rating: r, ship: quinn/santana, type: fanfic
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