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fanfic: God Worked In Mysterious Ways, NC-17 (Quinn/Santana)

Title: God Worked In Mysterious Ways
Author: ipickquinn & backitup_baby
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Santana
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 8,238
Spoilers: none
Summary: Quinn was definitely at least half gay.

A/N: This fic was written by ipickquinn (as Quinn) and backitup_baby (as Santana)!

Sequel to: Just Finish Eating My Muffin So We Can Go

God Worked In Mysterious Ways

“I just submitted my application to Illinois,” Santana said as soon as Quinn picked up the phone. “And I’ve had like a lot of coffee and I’m too jittery to stay home even though it’s not like I won’t find out until December 17, so do you want to do something?” It was a Tuesday night and Santana hadn’t even planned on submitting until at least Friday but she’d had a sudden burst of self-esteem (not like she needed any more) and thought that she might as well just go on and submit. “Like Perkins or we could go to the park or like... I don’t know. Hang out.”

It had been about a month since the first party of the year and the kissing that neither of them were talking about, and Santana thought that things had actually gotten back to normal. Well, except for the fact that Brittany wasn’t hanging out with them anymore because she was always with Finn. That was never normal.

“What the fuck. You call me to rub it in my face that you’re leaving me in less than a year?” Quinn said, scowling. Okay, maybe that was a little over dramatic, but she hated thinking about Santana leaving for college and it just really sucked. “Whatever, yeah let’s hang out. I’m not hungry though. We should go to the park. Maybe it will help us hold onto some of our youth,” she said sarcastically.

“Calm down,” Santana said, rolling her eyes a little at Quinn’s melodramatics. “You’re going to have to get used to this and stuff. Actually, maybe we shouldn’t hang out. That way you can start having like, withdrawal from me.”

“Oh shut up and meet me at the park in 10 minutes. I’m stopping or coffee. I assume you don’t need any since you just had some and I don’t want you like getting the jitters or overdosing,” Quinn said, already moving to put on her shoes and get her coat.

“No, but if you want to get me some coffee cake that would be awesome,” Santana said, getting up and looking around for her stuff. “Can we make it 15? I have to look for my pants.”

“I already told you no on the coffee,” Quinn said, feeling very motherly at the moment. Except that was weird because she definitely didn’t kiss Santana like she was her mother. Wait, where had that come from? “See you once you’re dressed,” she finished, smirking slightly. Definitely not motherly thoughts there.

“Is that why they call it coffee cake? Is there like, coffee in it? I want a scone then,” Santana said, frowning slightly as she looked for her sweatpants. “One of the ones with blueberries. Okay, pants acquired,” she continued, obliviously. “Pants on. See you soon.”

“You’re so weird, bye,” Quinn said, hanging up the phone. She got in her car and drove to get her coffee, well really a mocha because the chocolate really made it taste better. She briefly considered not buying Santana her scone just to piss her off or punish her or something for leaving her. It really wasn’t worth the argument they would have though so she got the stupid scone before making her way to the park. Spotting Santana already parked there she pulled up next to her and got out of the car. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Santana echoed, getting out and reaching for the scone. “Thanks for getting this. Where do you want to go?” Usually when she went to the park she was with Brittany, so that usually meant that they (well, Brittany) went looking for ducks. “I mean I guess we can just walk around until we find somewhere to sit or something.”

“Yeah we can walk around,” Quinn said, taking a sip of her mocha. “We can go to like, the swings or something,” she smirked. That would be totally cool of them.

“Okay,” Santana said, then, once they had started walking, added, “So can we talk about how the like, guest priest or whoever at church on Sunday was totally hot?”

Quinn snapped her head over to look at Santana, totally scandalized. “Oh my God, you can’t say a priest is hot! That’s like, a sin or something!” Even though he had been like, totally hot.

“He was totally hot, and like, even more so than he would have been if he had just been some guy,” Santana said, very seriously. “Since he was like blessed in the name of the Lord. And because he’s not having sex. I feel like I could totally convince him to hook up with me if I tried.” She wasn’t really serious about that part, but it was still fun to think about.

“God would like, smite you for making one of his Holy Sons stray,” Quinn replied, just as seriously. “Are you sure you’re not just like, horny because you’re not getting any. Or I’m assume you’re not since Brittany and... Finn... and yeah...” Well that had been unnecessarily awkward.

“I know,” Santana said, crossing herself as they walked. “And no... I’m totally getting some.” Well, now things were even more awkward. But it wasn’t like this was totally unexpected.

“From who?” Quinn asked, her eyes slightly narrowed. She wasn’t sure why she was taken off guard by this. Of course Santana was having sex and it was stupid of her to think otherwise but maybe since she tried not to think of stuff like that, it surprised her when she actually heard about it.

“Um,” Santana said, shooting Quinn a look that hopefully would get the point across without words being necessary. Of course Santana was still sleeping with Puck, anyway. It wasn’t like feelings needed to be involved for that to happen.

Quinn stared at Santana a few moments before looking at her, completely outraged. “He’s disgusting. You’re disgusting.” She had very strong feelings about Puck since he impregnated her and then was a total douche bag about it. Sure he had tried being sweet at times and pretending he wanted to be with her and all that crap. But once a player, always a player.

Santana blinked a little, actually kind of hurt by that, before shaking her head slightly and pretending that she wasn’t. “I know I’m disgusting. I just talked about wanting to have sex with a priest.”

Honestly, Quinn would prefer Santana to try and hook up with a priest (SUCH A SIN) rather than fuck around with Puck. “Yeah, you might want to work on your issues,” Quinn said, still scowling.

“What, are you jealous or something?” Santana said automatically, before realizing that if they weren’t careful this meant they could end up having to talk about stuff they weren’t talking about. She had more of her scone in an attempt to pretend that there wasn’t anything unusual about what she’d just said.

Quinn just scoffed. “What the fuck. I’m not jealous. I’m just saying that when you associate with that asshole you’re like, an asshole yourself. And you’re my best friend. And you should like, totally not want to be with him when he got me pregnant and then was a douche bag. It’s just gross. I don’t even know how you could touch him.” Thinking about it literally made her stomach turn.

Santana had a lot of answers about how she was totally okay with touching Puck, but she was pretty sure that saying any of them to Quinn right now would result in her death or something like that. “Okay,” she sad, not bothering to deal with it any further. It wasn’t like that was something that could be resolved or anything. Quinn was always going to hate Puck but Santana was always going to need a weekly orgasm and right now she had no other options.

Still scowling, Quinn just kept walking to where the swing sets were, drinking more coffee every now and then. She definitely didn’t want to talk about Puck anymore and there was no way she was going to go anywhere close to talking about the thing that totally didn’t happen when they were drunk at that party. Nope. She wasn’t going there. “How’s your scone?” She asked, gruffly, just to fill the awkward silence.

“Yummy,” Santana said, almost petulantly. “How’s your coffee?” She shivered a little then and realized that she’d left her jacket in her car. “Can I have some?”

“No,” Quinn said, taking another sip just to be a bitch. She was still pissed off about the Puck thing. And slightly disgusted with Santana at the moment.

“You’re going to regret that when I’m not around to bug you for sips of your coffee,” Santana said, finishing her scone and shoving her fists in the pockets of her sweatpants.

“Yeah because I love having less for myself,” Quinn said, rolling her eyes. Maybe this hanging out had been a bad idea.

“You would’ve given me some before I told you that I was hooking up with Puck, probably,” Santana said, scowling. “Don’t even like, deny that. You’re just all pissy now.”

“And I’m sure you would be in such a great mood too,” Quinn shot back. There really was no point in denying it because it was true, but she didn’t get how Santana just expected her to be okay with it. It was totally breaking the sisterhood code or whatever. And Puck was just disgusting so her hooking up with him just reflected badly on her.

“God, I don’t have to keep hooking up with him if it’s going to make you this bitchy,” Santana said, rolling her eyes. Sure, last year she’d actually had really problematic feelings for Puck, but this year she really didn’t care who and what he did as long as he didn’t give her anything, like HIV or chlamydia, or a baby. “I’ll just find someone else to hook up with.”

“Or maybe you could just try not being such a slut,” Quinn said, harshly. Maybe it was a low blow but she totally knew what it was like to want to have sex (see the whole Puck incident) but resist (see her life since that incident). Santana was just weak and pathetic.

“Maybe I like being a slut,” Santana said immediately, though she couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t hurt by that. “Jesus still forgave Mary Magadalene and stuff... so there.”

“Well you’re not Mary Magadalene.” How dare Santana try to compare herself to someone like that? Jesus like, personally selected her and stuff. And she actually repented for being a slut, not said she was proud of it.

“Duh,” Santana said, looking down at the ground for a moment before looking back up at Quinn. “Why are you even like, friends with me if you can get this mad at me?” Not like Santana was exactly a saint in this regard but she just couldn’t quit Quinn or something.

“You’re stupid. I get mad because I care. Duh,” Quinn said as if that were the most obvious thing, not even thinking of what it might imply.

Santana shivered again, then frowned, mad at her body for showing weakness. “Fine. I care about you too. For the record. Sometimes I forget you do, or something.”

“I wouldn’t have been friends with you since I was like 5 if I didn’t care,” Quinn said, slightly hurt that Santana would doubt her.

Santana nodded a little, accepting this, then shrugged. “Things were good until like, we joined Glee and shit started happening last year. So I just like, wanted to make sure.”

“Are you saying we should quit Glee and things will magically go back to normal? Because I don’t think things work that way. And for the record you were the one who started shit by calling me tubbers,” Quinn said, scowling again at the memory.

“You fucked my boyfriend,” Santana said immediately, though it came out a lot more upset than she’d wanted, instead of angry.

“In my defense he said you two were broken up. I don’t know why you were dating a bone head who didn’t know the difference between a break and legit breaking up,” Quinn said, rolling her eyes. “And technically he fucked me after he got me drunk, so...”

“Yeah but like, he didn’t like. Just because you were drunk didn’t mean that you weren’t like, consenting and stuff. That would be like saying that when we were drunk--” Santana stopped herself from finishing the rest of that sentence.

“The situations were entirely different,” Quinn said immediately. Though really it would have been in her best interest to say that they weren’t. She definitely regretted having sex with Puck, mostly because it gave her a baby, but also because it took away everything in her life. But kissing Santana wasn’t like that... wait what?

Santana narrowed her eyes a little, trying to figure out what that meant. “So you wanted to kiss me?” she said after a pause, the words sounding a lot more dangerous than she’d intended. Or accusing. Or something. Maybe she was panicking.

“I never said that,” Quinn said, clearly backtracking. “It just like, wasn’t a big deal. I mean, you didn’t get me pregnant. We’ve been best friends forever. If friends can’t kiss and laugh about it after 10 years, then what kind of friendship is it?” Was there any logic to that?!

“Except that we don’t,” Santana said, trying to figure out what the hell Quinn was talking about. “Laugh about it. I mean, it hasn’t been like 10 years. But we didn’t like talk about it. Not that I think there’s stuff to talk about since it clearly like. Didn’t mean anything for you.”

Quinn raised her eyebrow at that. “Did it mean something for you?”

Santana was beginning to feel grateful for the fact that it was now decidedly chilly outside. Otherwise, she was pretty sure her face would be on fire or something. “I mean like... I’m pretty sure I am the only one here that is attracted to girls too.”

Quinn blinked a few times, not really sure how to take this. Was Santana admitting to having feelings for her? Or was it like... she just liked kissing her because she was already attracted to girls? But how did she act that without being totally awkward.

“Oh,” Quinn said, not really able to think of anything more intelligible.

“Not like I want to date you,” Santana said, quickly. “We would--” It weirded her out that there was even a ‘we’ in question but she’d started this, so... “That wouldn’t work out. It would be like, horrible. It’s not like we don’t already fight. But that would never happen and I don’t want to anyway so like, let’s just find the swings.”

“Why wouldn’t you want to date me?” Quinn asked, feeling suddenly offended. “I could be like, a really good girlfriend. I know everything about you and like all those stupid cliché movies best friends always end up dating,” she said, talking quickly, not even sure why she was defending her girlfriend abilities.

“But you don’t even like girls,” Santana protested, now feeling even more weirded out. Wasn’t that kind of like... a dealbreaker?

Maybe she was just being stubborn or maybe this was just the perfect opportunity to reexamine the weird feeling she got after kissing Santana at that party but Quinn tossed away her coffee and grabbed Santana’s face, kissing her hard.

Santana’s first instinct was to protest that Quinn really didn’t need to be doing this because she was totally straight. On the other hand, Santana definitely wasn’t; she really kind of got a kick out of kissing girls, actually, so she didn’t want to ruin this. She pulled Quinn closer then, her hands maybe digging into Quinn’s waist a little harder than was necessary, but whatever. This was... disturbingly awesome.

It had started out as proving a point (mostly) but now Quinn was really getting into the kiss and didn’t mind at all that she might have light bruises on her hips tomorrow. It was actually kind of turning her on being this rough. Wait, what? She was making out with her best friend, how was this happening?

Quinn nipped at Santana’s lip before pulling back, panting slightly. “Don’t tell me what I like,” she breathed out, stubbornly.

Santana made a mental note to ask Kurt about how to work on her gaydar because clearly hers was shitty. “Fine,” she said, not taking her hands off Quinn just because of that.

“Yeah, fine,” Quinn repeated back, her hands still on Santana’s face. She sort of wanted to kiss her again, but she still wasn’t entirely sure if she was just doing this to be stubborn or because she actually liked girls. Maybe it was a combination of both...

“Are you trying to tell me that you want to be my girlfriend?” Santana asked then, figuring it was a fair question. They had just been talking about it, after all, and now they were like, standing in a park with their hands on each other. Which was really... confusing.

“I don’t know,” Quinn replied quickly. “Why? Do you want me to be your girlfriend or something?” This really wasn’t where she had been going when she kissed Santana.

“No,” Santana said, just as fast. “I mean. Like, no offense. I just think we, like... It’s not like two kisses means you like girls, anyway.” She pulled away from Quinn and took a few steps backwards, trying to get a handle on the situation.

“Yeah you’re right. I didn’t want to be your girlfriend anyway,” Quinn said, crossing her arms.

“Hey,” Santana said then, sort of realizing that she was probably just as offended as Quinn had been when they’d had the reverse of this conversation. “Like, you could do a lot worse than me. And you like, were totally into kissing me. I think you do actually want to be my girlfriend. You totally said ‘I don’t know,’ too, which means that you do and you just don’t know it. You’re totally gay for me.”

Eyebrows furrowed together, Quinn’s mouth just sort of gaped open a few seconds before she thought of how to reply to that. “Not true! I mean, you’re still slumming it with Puck. If I were going to go gay for someone it would be for someone who didn’t have all his nasties on them... like ... Tina!” Where had that come from? Why was she even entertaining the idea that she was gay?

“Tina is with Wheels so like, that doesn’t even. That’s not an option.” Santana shivered again and frowned. “Can we like. Either go find the damn swings or go back to the cars so I can at least get my jacket?”

“But she totally wears lesbian boots,” Quinn replied then unzipped her jacket. “Here, just, like, take this. You’re kind of a wuss,” she said as she held out her jacket. She was sort of warm from being worked up about this and she was wearing a long sleeve shirt so hopefully she wouldn’t get too cold.

Santana took the jacket and shrugged it on. “It’s not my fault my people aren’t like, from Iceland or whatever. Latin people just really like heat and stuff.” She was secretly impressed with herself for not taking that opportunity to also call Quinn frigid or an ice queen or anything, even though she’d totally set herself up to do so.

“I’m Swedish,” Quinn said, rolling her eyes. “They don’t even have Starbucks in Iceland,” she continued as if that explained everything. “So are we going to go to the damn swings or what?”

Santana looked at Quinn as though she were crazy (well, she was), then nodded. “Yeah, let’s just go.” She wasn’t sure if she should further address the fact that they had totally just made out or not, though ‘not’ was definitely winning right now.

‘Not’ was winning in Quinn’s mind right now too so she just started walking towards the playground, her arms still crossed. What were they even supposed to talk about now? “So...” she finally said, awkwardly, hoping Santana might have an idea.

“Bet I can jump further,” Santana said (it was the first thing that had come to mind) once they were in front of the swings. “Like always.”

“Yeah right, you’re so on,” Quinn said, sitting on a swing and started pushing herself back to get going.

“On the money,” Santana retorted, not at all caring whether she made sense or not. She got onto a swing and, after a moment, caught up to Quinn.

Quinn looked over at Santana and smirked slightly when she realized they were at the same level swinging. “We’re married.” Well... that probably hadn’t been the best thing to say in this situation...

“You’re totally gay,” Santana said, once she’d gotten over the initial shock.

“Fuck you,” Quinn scowled back at her then pushed herself harder to swing higher.

“In your dreams, babe,” Santana said, smirking. She launched herself out of her swing after a moment and landed very ungracefully in the sand.

Still scowling, Quinn jumped out of the swing as well and somehow collided with Santana, half landing on top of her. “Fuck, ouch.”

Santana winced as Quinn basically flung herself onto her (God, she was like, totally gay... that was so obvious). “Are you trying to like, tell me something with all your language?” she asked, raising her eyebrows a little and trying to hide her amusement.

“What? No. It’s hard controlling where you go when you jump off the swing,” Quinn said as she tried pushing herself off of Santana.

Ow,” Santana said, trying not to look at Quinn’s mouth. And how it was right there.

“Ow? I’m not even like really on top of you anymore,” Quinn said as she hovered over Santana, looking at her curiously. “You really are a wuss.”

“You like, landed on me weird and my legs were like-- whatever,” Santana said, uncrossing her legs and almost reflexively moving them so they were on either side of Quinn. “I’m not a wuss. You’re a wuss.”

Quinn wasn’t sure why she wasn’t moving off of Santana but she kind of liked this position. Wait, what? She was basically thinking she liked being between Santana’s thighs and that was just... so wrong. Clearing her throat awkwardly, she looked back down. “Really? That’s the best comeback you could think of?”

Santana wasn’t about to tell Quinn that she didn’t have any good comebacks because she was being really kind of distracting. That would just give her too much satisfaction. So she decided to try and shut her up. “I’m just telling the truth,” she said instead, pulling Quinn down with one of her hands and kissing her with the intention of somehow reversing their positions in the near future.

“Wha--” Quinn started but was cut off by Santana’s lips on her own. Which was surprisingly awesome, though just as unexpected as their previous kiss. She was pretty much too stunned (and oddly turned on) to do anything but kiss Santana though.

Santana tried valiantly to keep her wits about her as they kept kissing, wanting to keep Quinn distracted enough so she could pull this off. She pushed herself up after a moment and used her momentum to get Quinn underneath her, smirking a little as they kept kissing.

Quinn let out a surprised whimper as her back hit the ground but it somehow made her start to kiss Santana harder, bring a hand up to wind in the other girl’s hair.

“You totally want me,” Santana mumbled, wishing that’d come out a little more assertively, as she re-settled herself over one of Quinn’s thighs. “Don’t even pretend you don’t.”

“So don’t pretend you don’t want me too,” Quinn said, arching her back up into Santana as she kissed her again.

“I think we’re both past that,” Santana said, trying not to smile. She was simultaneously thinking about how, first, she’d totally somehow managed to hook up with both of her best friends (Puck would have been proud of her), and second, how much she could get away with tonight without Quinn freaking out.

Quinn was vaguely aware that they were at the park (and she was totally getting sand in her hair!!!) but at that moment she didn’t care too much, as it had been a long time since she had really kissed someone. The drunken kiss with Santana didn’t count because, well it just didn’t. So this was kind of awesome. Nipping at Santana’s lip again, she just kept on kissing her, despite sort of knowing she shouldn’t be.

Santana waited a little longer to make sure Quinn wasn’t about to panic or anything before fully lowering herself onto her best friend. She definitely wasn’t feeling cold anymore, but taking the jacket off would mean not being on Quinn anymore and that wasn’t something she wanted to have happen any time soon. She worked one of her hands back onto Quinn’s waist, this time under her shirt, but didn’t make any moves towards anywhere that Quinn would probably freak out about.

This was much different than the time Quinn had sex with Puck. She was completely clear headed, or only slightly caffeine’d up from her mocha, so she knew she wanted this. It scared her a little, but who could she trust more than her best friend? Right? Right.

She jumped slightly when Santana’s hand made contact with her skin (it was a little cold) but then instinctively bucked herself up as she tightened her grip in Santana’s dark hair.

“Shit,” Santana gasped, entirely taken aback by Quinn’s movement. She rolled her hips a little and pushed herself down against Quinn’s leg, her eyes closing automatically. Okay, so much for trying to keep it totally PG...

Quinn’s eyes widened as Santana ground down on her. She looked so... hot and it was turning her on, but she didn’t even know what to do. So she sort of just whimpered pathetically and nipped at Santana’s lip in frustration.

“Fucking sweatpants, I should have put on jeans or something, or my Cheerios skirt, that would have been totally perfect for this,” Santana said, mostly to herself, before realizing that she’d gone off into her own world for a moment and smiling briefly down at Quinn. “What do you want?”

“I--I don’t know. Something. Anything,” Quinn said a lot more desperately than she meant to. She was totally dazed about what was happening and also confused about Santana talking to herself. Plus she had no idea how this girl on girl stuff worked... Not that she really knew about regular sex either. She was just generally inexperienced...

Santana’s breath hitched a little once she realized what Quinn was talking about (or at least, what she hoped Quinn was talking about). “Really?” she said, although she kind of wanted to just dive in, which was a totally awkward way to phrase getting off her best friend. But it wasn’t like she was okay with doing things without Quinn thinking them through, seeing as what had happened the first time she’d done that.

“Yes,” Quinn groaned out, annoyed that Santana was questioning her. As if to prove a point she bucked up again, trying to figure out the best way to make it feel good, which wasn’t really going all that well, but she was trying.

“Hold still,” Santana ordered, pushing herself up and getting some of her weight onto one of Quinn’s legs to try and stop her from moving so much. “You’re making it really hard for me to get you-- well not naked, because like. We’re in like. Should we do this in my car or something? Or your car?” Maybe now she was just stalling on purpose.

Quinn nodded and bit her lip, looking up at Santana. “Can we go now?” Maybe she was also thinking before I change my mind but that didn’t really seem important at the moment with how this was making her feel.

Santana nodded, getting up and holding her hand out to help Quinn up. Both of their cars seemed really far away now, though she knew that moving away from the park was the smartest idea. Once Quinn was up she couldn’t help but lean in for another kiss, even though it was counterproductive to the whole moving idea.

Quinn instinctively kissed Santana back a moment before pulling away then grabbed the other girl’s hand to start dragging her back towards the cars. “We should go to yours... It’s, um, bigger...” she said, blushing slightly. Maybe this was starting to be a bad idea but she was really turned on and wanted it so...

Santana was finding it really hard to believe that this was actually about to happen. Until about a month ago she’d never even looked at Quinn like that and now all of a sudden they were about to have sex in her car? Well, legit. God worked in mysterious ways. “Okay,” she said, digging in the pocket of her sweatpants so she could get her keys at the ready.

Once they were at their cars she unlocked hers and practically shoved Quinn in the backseat once she got the door open, then closed the door behind them both before kissing Quinn again, hard. She vaguely considered trying to figure out how to get the seat backs down, then decided that she didn’t really care that much.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, this is happening, Quinn thought as Santana kissed her, but her slight freak out didn’t stop her from moving a hand up into Santana’s hair again to pull her closer.

Santana took the hint and moved them both again so that Quinn was underneath her once more, trying to accommodate for the limited space. “Do you still want me?” she asked, just to make sure, bringing her hand up so her thumb was halfway up Quinn’s inner thigh.

Quinn bit her lip again then nodded, watching Santana’s hand travel up her leg. How were they supposed to do this though. Did they leave their clothes on? Did they take them off? Would it be weird being naked in Santana’s car? At least it was sort of cold out so not many people would be at the park...

“I’m pretty sure that us doing this will mean you’re definitely at least like, half gay,” Santana said as her final warning before adjusting herself a little so she could start getting Quinn’s pants down.

Lifting her hips to help Santana get her pants down, Quinn kissed her a little harder in anticipation. Right now she was totally okay with being half gay. Or at least gay for Santana because if they stopped she might die.

Santana was about to move her hand into Quinn’s underwear when she paused, caught off guard by a surprise panic attack. “If we do this it’s like, legit. I don’t mean that like, the sex will be legit, even though it will be because I’m good at it, but like. Us. I mean.” She hoped Quinn knew what she was trying to get at.

Quinn sort of felt suddenly emotional at this and took a deep breath, trying to concentrate on how she wanted to say what she was going to say. It was hard to think with Santana’s hand so close to her down there but somehow her brain functioned enough for her to say, “You’re my best friend. And I love you and trust you and it’s going to be okay.” Which was way too sappy. “And if you fucking stop I’ll kill you.” There that was better.

Santana blinked a little, a little caught off guard by all of that, then smiled. “Okay. Well lucky for you I don’t plan on stopping until you tell me to,” she said, pretty sure that her smile was threatening to turn into a grin any moment now as she got Quinn’s underwear down, then replaced it with her hand. “Apparently I like. Have feelings for you or something,” she said then, again mostly to herself, her fingertips finding Quinn’s clit and rubbing a little.

Instinctively, Quinn moaned out and rolled her hips up into Santana’s hand. This felt way better than anything she had ever done to herself or had done to her and Santana’s ego was going to explode once she figured that out. “But you like it,” she said quietly. “And I guess I like you too,” she said, managing to smirk a bit.

“Yeah, I can tell,” Santana said, smirking back as she picked up a slow pace with her hand. She leaned back down and kissed Quinn again, still stunned at this sudden turn of events.

Apparently this sex stuff made her really vocal because she moaned loudly again and continued rocking her hips, not really sure what she was hoping for but Santana was making this feel really good so she did trust her. “I’m not sure if I should be jealous of you being this good or glad,” she said, her voice slightly shaky.

“Why would you be jealous?” Santana asked, kind of obliviously. Concentrating on making Quinn feel good was definitely taking up all of her brainpower at the moment. “I don’t get it.”

Quinn rolled her eyes, frustrated at Santana’s obliviousness. She was smarter than this, but thinking right now was really difficult. “Because of the people you were with to make you good,” she finally said, biting back a whimper as Santana flicked against her clit.

“Oh, I get it now,” Santana said, smirking again. “Well, you just have one person to be jealous of,” she added, meaning Brittany. She shifted her hand a little, then stopped herself in time before she moved her fingers inside Quinn. “Like. You want this, right?” She was a little surprised at how hard it was to breathe now, and Quinn wasn’t even doing anything to her.

“Did death threats not make that clear?” Quinn asked, groaning when Santana stopped right before entering her fingers. The blonde had been serious about killing Santana if she stopped.

“You threaten to kill me all the time,” Santana pointed out, smirking even more in response. She was feeling nervous again though, even though it wasn’t like it was either of their first times. Well, technically it was Quinn’s first time with a girl. That had to count, right? She decided to just get over herself and do it, though, so she kept her eyes on Quinn’s face and moved one of her fingers inside her, moving it slowly.

“Fuck,” Quinn moaned out, already feeling her stomach clench in a weird, unnatural way. It wasn’t like she was a virgin but since she had only had sex the one time, it still felt a little weird, except it felt a lot more awesome and she rocked her hips, seeking more.

Santana was struck by this strange urge to tell Quinn that she was beautiful. Except that was like, something out of a really trashy romance novel or something and there was no way she was going to tell her that. Well, maybe if the urge came back. “Tell me when you want more,” she said instead, breaking her rhythm for a moment so she could still get her thumb against Quinn’s clit. “Okay?”

“I want more now,” Quinn panted out greedily then practically yelped when she felt friction against her clit again. “Oh, fuck.”

“You can’t,” Santana said suddenly. That was a surprise to herself, too, as she’d planned on just doing whatever Quinn wanted but it wasn’t going to be as good if they just rushed everything. “Just wait.” And maybe a little part of her thought it’d be fun as hell to tease.

“Santana,” Quinn hissed out, clearly annoyed. How could she just not keep going? It was almost as bad as never having experienced this feeling in the first place. If Santana wasn’t going to give her what she wanted, maybe she would just have to work with making this better, so she rolled her hips up trying to get more of... whatever this was.

“Yeah, Quinn?” Santana said through some giggles that she didn’t bother to try and suppress. She suddenly got this worry that Quinn just wanted to get off and that was all this was, though, not that Quinn wanted Santana to get her off specifically, so she started moving her hand a little faster. “Say my name again.”

“Santana!” Quinn gasped out, and it wasn’t even forced. Her finger just felt really amazing and it was an instinct reaction or something. “Please?” God, when did she ever use that word? That was really... weird.

“Please what?” Santana asked, kind of facetiously, but she worked another finger in on the next thrust anyway. Having Quinn in front of her like this was probably too much of a power rush, more than it should have been, anyway, but now she couldn’t stop herself. “Tell me you want me or I’ll stop.”

“What the fuck? You’re liking this more than me,” Quinn said, somehow managing to shoot a look at Santana. Or maybe she just needed self validation. After all, she did give herself pep talks in the mirror every day. Only like, really insecure people would do that.

“I want you,” Quinn said, after a few moments. It wasn’t Santana’s fault she was so self doubting.

“I just really like hearing you say that,” Santana said very seriously, satisfied for now (well, emotionally... definitely not physically). She pressed her thumb a little harder against Quinn and added another finger, slowing down her hand again.

You know that I want you, and you know that I need you, I--” Quinn began singing just to be ironic and annoying or something but cut herself off and half moaned, half gasped when she felt Santana add a third finger. “Fuck.” That was a lot. But like, a good a lot. And she felt like she was getting really close or something because she had this weird visualization of something coiled really tightly together and it just needed to ... explode.

Santana bit her lip a little, kind of still freaking out about how much she was into this. Well, literally. Also figuratively. “You’re really fucking hot,” she said then, meaning that also in two different ways. Though both were literal. Maybe she needed to stop thinking.

“And you’re really fucking good at this,” Quinn said before biting her lip hard and rolling her hips up again slightly. She was like almost right there and just needed it. “Santana...” she whined quietly.

“Yeah, I know,” Santana replied immediately, building up speed again once she figured Quinn had gotten used to the feeling. She was pretty sure that those noises meant that Quinn was close, but she wasn’t entirely certain and wanted to make sure that she could deliver. “Come on,” she said then, almost begging too, in a weird way, before leaning back down a little for another kiss.

Basically already going over the edge when Santana kissed her, Quinn bit at the her lip roughly as she tightened around her fingers. She vaguely could hear that she was letting out pathetic whimpers and moans, but really didn’t care because it felt so good.

Santana kept her mouth on Quinn’s until she figured that the blonde had had enough time to calm down from her orgasm, not really sure if this was the kind of situation where it’d be a good idea to try for a repeat. She slowed her hand down to a stop, too, then tried to figure out what exactly one said in this kind of situation. She was pretty sure Quinn wouldn’t really be up for reciprocation, too, so it wasn’t like she could demand that right now.

Quinn was still breathing pretty heavily but could think a lot more clearly now. And... she totally just had sex with her best friend. Not that she really had a problem with it, but she got off and Santana was probably all sexually frustrated and stuff now. Kissing Santana was awesome but she wasn’t sure if she could... do other stuff yet.

Instead she just leaned forward and kissed Santana again, a lot less desperate and frantic now. It might even be ... sweet?

As she returned the kiss, Santana shifted position sightly so her hands were planted on either side of Quinn’s body on the backseat. Making out was definitely easier and less complicated than talking, so she figured they could just stick with this for a little longer until she came up with something to say. “So...” Oh, smooth, Lopez, smooth.

“I want to do it back but I don’t think I’m ready yet.” Oh that had just blurted out of Quinn’s mouth without her consent at all. Great. Just great.

Santana pulled away a little, startled by this sudden admission. “It’s okay,” she lied, mostly convincingly. “You don’t have to say that.”

“But you’re probably all...” Quinn made a weird motion that was apparently supposed to convey turned on. “And I feel bad. That I can’t do it back.”

“It’s okay,” Santana repeated, blushing a little now for some strange reason. “Like, it’s cool.” She paused, then said, “What the fuck did like. We just do?”

Quinn recoiled slightly at her tone, though she wasn’t even really sure what that tone was supposed to be. “Are you saying we shouldn’t have?”

“No-- I mean, I was like, totally into it. I am just trying to figure out how we got from like, point A,” Santana said, sitting up and using her hands to gesture, “to point B. Like it was a rhetorical question, ‘cause obviously I know what we just did.” She was a little worried that Quinn was going to have a belated freak out, though.

“What exactly is point B then?” Quinn asked, sort of confused about what the fuck Santana was trying to say. Quinn hadn’t been aware they were on a course or anything...

“You being gay for me,” Santana replied immediately.

“Oh.” Well it wasn’t like Quinn was going to deny it. She had liked that. A lot. And the kissing was really nice too. “Well aren’t we like already past that? I mean what is point C then?”

Santana gestured again, indicating a vague location to the right of where point B had approximately been in space. “I don’t really like, know what that would be. I mean like... It’s not like sex equals dating.”

“And you like already said you didn’t want to date me,” Quinn said, rolling her eyes slightly. Not that she really knew if she was ready to be dating a girl either. She was Quinn Fabray. She couldn’t just suddenly be opening gay and stuff. God, what if people started throwing her in the dumpster... The thought had her slightly panicked.

Santana nodded a little, still convinced that they would just be really bad for each other. “I don’t really think that is like, an immediate point. If it is going to happen. Which like, I don’t know. But...” She hesitated for only a second before saying, “I don’t think that I want to like, just be friends. And I think you should sleep over soon.” She was proud of herself for not saying that last thing too suggestively.

“Well I don’t know if I can keep being more than friends with you if you’re still going to go around and fuck Puck,” Quinn said a little stubbornly. “And fine. I’ll sleepover. I mean, like, it will be fun and stuff...” And stuff.

Santana considered her two options. “Okay,” she said then, smirking at Quinn. “But this is like, something I’m agreeing to do with the assumption that you’re going to like, do stuff soon. Otherwise I might get desperate.”

“Okay,” Quinn said back. “I mean, I want to. I just need to like... take this all in first and process it and whatever before I think I’ll be ready and stuff.” Which was mostly true. She also needed to learn how to not suck at it.

“Okay,” Santana said again. “I, um.” She didn’t really know how to get out what she wanted to say next. “I think I meant it when I said that I might have feelings for you...”

“Oh.” It’s not like Quinn could be judgmental when she was pretty sure she had told Santana she loved her. What the fuck had that been about. “Is that a bad thing for you?”

“I’m just like, confused and stuff,” Santana said, still trying to work through this. “Cause like obviously I have feelings for you in a best friends kind of way but like... I don’t know. I totally want to like... keep doing this. And I think I wouldn’t like it if you were doing it with other people. Not that you are cause you’re you. But like. This kind of snuck up on me.” Santana was trying hard to find precedent for these emotions but she couldn’t come up with any foreshadowing or whatever. “So... I don’t know. But it’s not bad. I think.”

Quinn looked at Santana indignantly, which was sort of hard when she realized her pants were still down. Hastily pulling them up, she sat more upright and crossed her arms. “I could totally be doing this with other people. But it’s not like I’m just doing this because you’re the first person to like, proposition me. Because that definitely isn’t true. So maybe I like, uh... have feelings for you too or something. I don’t know.”

Blinking a few times, Quinn realized that little speech hadn’t gone at all like she meant it to.

Santana nodded a little, then said, very carefully, “So we both maybe have feelings for each other. And you don’t want me to sleep with anyone else. Right?”

“Um, I guess that about sums it up,” Quinn said slowly. Where was Santana going with this?

Santana realized something pretty belatedly and looked sharply across at Quinn. “You’re not doing this with other people,” she said, the words coming out as more of a statement rather than the question she’d intended.

“Oh really?” Quinn asked, challengingly. It’s not like she had said Santana couldn’t do this with other people, she just didn’t want her doing it with Puck. Or at least that was what she had verbalized. Even if it was true that Quinn didn’t want Santana doing this with anyone else either.

Quinn’s reaction was actually kind of surprising. What did that mean? Was she actually already doing stuff with other people? Maybe she didn’t want to just be fucking one person. Which would seriously be surprising, but... “Or not. If you want to keep your options open that’s legit,” Santana said, backtracking a little in order to cover up the fact that she was kind of offended. “Whatever.”

It wasn’t like Quinn could get all possessive, or Santana could either because they had decided that dating would be a terrible idea. Right? So if they weren’t dating they didn’t have to do all the dating stuff... Even if Quinn kind of wanted to and definitely didn’t want other people touching Santana now. “Yeah, well... Okay. I’ll like let you know and stuff.”

“Okay,” Santana said, feeling a little awkward now. “Then like. I won’t sleep with Puck and stuff I guess. But if it comes up with anyone else then like, whatever,” she said, just to be fair. She’d thought Quinn had just agreed that she didn’t want Santana to hook up with anyone else, anyway, but apparently it’d be best to double check.

“Yeah, fine, whatever,” Quinn said, gritting her teeth slightly. You can only get possessive if you’re dating, which you’re not, so chill the fuck out, Quinn mentally chastised herself. “Well I should like get going... dinner and stuff.”

“Yeah, totally.” Santana had no idea what to say after that, though. “Well... see you tomorrow and stuff?” She leaned forward a little, kind of unconsciously, towards Quinn.

“Yeah, see you then,” Quinn said, leaning forward as well. Just before she kissed Santana she stopped and looked down. “Uh, can I have my jacket back?”

“Oh, right.” Santana shrugged the jacket off and set it on Quinn’s lap, wondering if she was being silly by expecting a kiss goodbye.

Quinn picked up the jacket and leaned back as she moved one hand over to the door handle. “Well, see you,” she said before opening it and hopping out. With a little wave she shut the door then went over to her car and got in to drive home.

Santana watched Quinn leave, feeling even more confused now, then stayed in the backseat for a little longer before squeezing herself back into the front seat. She vaguely contemplated the idea of calling Puck, since he was always a sure thing and it wasn’t like Quinn needed to know, then decided against it and just drove back home instead, feeling frustrated and confused.
Tags: rating: nc-17, ship: quinn/santana, type: fanfic
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