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Control: PG-13 - Finn/Quinn - here
Hope: G - Matt/Quinn - here


Future!verse co-written by backitup_baby master post here

How Technology Is An Unintentional Cockblock: PG-13 - 2,901 - One Shot
Summary: Sometimes (most of the times) the odds are against Artie and Quinn.

The Pursuit Of Happiness: NC-17 - 3,111 - One Shot
Summary: “So just kiss me, Artie. Even if you don’t feel the same way about me, at least I can help you forget about her for tonight.”

Time Wasted: PG - 878 - One Shot
Summary: Rachel laments the turn of events in Preggers. I was feeling a bit angsty so you won’t find a happy ending here. This is my first Glee fic. Finn/Rachel, Finn/Quinn.

We'll Make It Through: PG - 1,230 - One Shot
Summary: They are singing to her, for her, and it makes her want to cry. A look into Quinn’s thought process as she sings “Keep Holding On” with New Directions.

Not Forgiven: NC-17 - 1,325 - One Shot
Summary: Written for glee_kink_meme. Finn/Quinn angry sex, first time.

Craving: R - 2,313 - One Shot
Summary: Five times Quinn craved Finn and the one time she gave in.

Always Be My Baby: PG - 2,086 - One Shot
Summary: Ficmix based on the prompt "Finn and Quinn reunion mix" for the glee_fan @ dreamwidth summer mix exchange.

Need Someone: PG - 963 - One Shot
Summary: Written for ianto_forever's prompt - "Finn/Quinn, Finn and Quinn comforting each other after giving the baby up."

Bacon Police - PG - 1,407 - One Shot
Summary: Written for devexation's prompt - "Finn and Quinn are both dating other people, but really they're not over each other. And perhaps Puck breaks up with Quinn, and Finn hears about it and goes to comfort her?" (I deviated a bit...)

Here's To The Night: PG - 585 - One Shot
Summary: To me, Finn seemed guilty during the entire episode of The Rhodes Not Taken, so this is just a little song-fic from his point of view, focusing mostly on the bowling scene. Finn/Rachel, Finn/Quinn

Surprise: NC-17 - 1,827 - One Shot
Summary: Written for glee_kink_meme. Rachel/Finn/Quinn sexy times. Quinn is being aggressive, taking it as an opportunity to punish Rachel for her behaviour with Finn.

Tutorial: NC-17 - 927 - One Shot
Summary: Written for glee_kink_meme. Finn is having trouble getting Quinn off. Quinn decides he needs someone to show him how to to properly go down on a girl. Enter Rachel.

Round Two: PG-13 - 929 - One Shot
Summary: Written for absentego's prompt - "Finn/Santana, what happens after the de-virginizing events in TPoM."

Untitled Series co-authored by absentego
Midnight Breakfast: PG-13 - 4,279 - One
Summary: Finn and Santana have a coincidental run in at a party. Who knew such an innocent encounter would be just the beginning.

Do You Know Karate? Because Your Body Is Kicking: PG-13 - 2,564 - Two
Summary: Finn and Santana have another coincidental run-in, this time at the park.

Creeped Out And Flattered: PG - 4,684 - Three
Summary: Finn and Santana have another coincidental run-in, this time at a movie rental store.

Do You Like Me? Check Yes Or No: PG - 2,221 - Four
Summary: Finn is seriously confused about the Santana situation and vows to get to the bottom of it. Except he's sort of the worst investigator. Ever.

I Wouldn't Mind Objectifying You: PG-13 - 3,859 - Five
Summary: Finn and Santana have a first date. There's some singing and drinking... And a lot of awkward.

I'm Really Glad You're Here: PG-13 - 4,388 - Six
Summary: Finn stumbles upon Santana at the park and helps her through a difficult situation.

Lovely: R - 847 - One Shot
Summary: Written for thechroniclady's prompt - "Puck/Rachel, future!fic where they run into each other a few years after high school and reconnect and go on a date."

Mommy and Mama: PG - 650 - One Shot
Summary: Written for joinmymisery's prompt - "Quinn/Santana, future!fic where Quinn is house wifey and Santana brings the kids home from school."

Untitled Series co-authored by backitup_baby
Just Finish Eating My Muffin So We Can Go: PG-13 - 5,412 - One
Summary: Santana and Quinn are just best friends. Totally.

God Worked In Mysterious Ways: NC-17 - 8,238 - Two
Summary: Quinn was definitely at least half gay.

There's More To Life Than Orgasms: R - 5,587 - Three
Summary: There's some fighting followed by some making up. Then they watch Bring It On.

Have You Ever Done This Before: NC-17 - 11,899 - Four - Part 1 | Four - Part 2
Summary: Things get a little wild at Santana's birthday party.

Hey Jealousy: R - 1,159 - One Shot
Summary: Written for dramatricks's prompt - "Rachel/Quinn, established relationship, making up after the first fight."

Untitled: NC-17 - 1,721 - One Shot
Summary: Written for glee_kink_meme. Tina's the only gleek who hasn't shunned her after the baby drama. Quinn turns to her for comfort and car sex ensues.

Call Me When You're Sober: R/NC-17 - 11,067 - One Shot
Summary: When Quinn and Tina left Lima they never anticipated to see each other again let alone attend the same college. And they sure as hell didn't expect to fall in love.

Someone To Stand By Me: R - 2,602 - One Shot
Summary: Written for glee_kink_meme. Sam is asexual, but not aromantic. He's falling in love with (insert character here, but please not Rachel or Mr. Schue) but is terrified of his secret. His lack of sexual urges got him beat up at his old school, so he's scared of revealing his secret. He tries to force himself to be sexual, so that he'll fit in, but eventually an understanding comes between him and his partner.


In The Night: PG
Summary: Quinn's life living at the Hudson's. AU as Sectionals is disregarded on my timeline.
Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Trio: PG-13
Summary: They worked best as three, she and her boys. A story about the relationship between Finn, Quinn and Puck before and after Drizzle!drama is revealed. Finn/Quinn/Puck – AU but mostly canon through 1x13.
Chapters: One | Two


1.Two characters go out on a rowboat and one of them packed sandwiches and they're egg salad sandwiches but the other one doesn't even like egg salad. Also, they feed their crusts to the ducks. 2.Two words: three horns. 3.Your main character is dressed in drag. What exactly are they wearing, and why?
4.Write whatever the hell you want, but include the words "prodigious" and "tintinnabulation" in your story. 5."What we did... it doesn't count as sex. Right?" 6. One of your characters got a new haircut, and it looks awful. How does everyone else react?
7.What are your feelings about clowns? Include several clowns in a story. Why are there so many clowns? Are they all at the same place at the same time? Bonus: Make one of the clowns John Wayne Gacy. 8.Write a story based on your favorite lasagna recipe. 9."It's about time we made good on the promise we made to each other in Juneau."
10.What happens when your main character encounters a baby animal? And what kind of baby animal is it? I hope it's an elephant. Baby elephants are so cute. 11.Chlamydia? (note: the question mark is essential) 12.This story takes place in a forest. Put some trees in there, add some dirt. Maybe throw some birds and shit in there, too.
13.Your two main characters are arguing in a restaurant. What did each of them order? Did they stay for dessert? Write the story from the point of view of their busboy. 14.Writer's choice. 15.Flist's choice. I hope your friends are all sadistic bastards.

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